Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson starts new YouTube channel

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has launched a new YouTube channel. She began with getting in touch with different YouTube creators for advice, ideas and more in the first video.

The first video includes Lilly Singh, Michelle Khare, Juanpa Zurita, Connor Franta, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown from ASAP Science, Kelly Stamps and Justine Ezarik amongst others.

Larson also included some of her personal family and friends such as her mother, grandmother, best friend, trainer, makeup artist and hairstylist.

During the video, Larson reveals that she auditioned for Hunger Games, the Terminator reboot and Star Wars but didn’t get the parts she went in for.

The description for her channel is as follows:

Hello world wide web!

Brie Larson here. Most of you know me on the big screen as Captain Marvel. But my friends would probably describe me more as an asthmatic, introverted, potato chip-loving, gamer….and now YouTuber?

I’ve created this channel to have some fun, connect with others, and let you all get to know that side of me too. Join me on this new journey and let me know what you want to see in the comments on all my new videos. Let’s build something great together.

You can catch Larson’s first video titled So, I made a decision... right here:

YouTube has become a popular space owing to the current situation as lockdowns in most countries have led to a halt in productions.

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