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Captain Fall: Animated Netflix comedy by Helgaker and Torgersen

After popular comedy series, Norsemen, Netflix has paired up a second time with Jon Iven Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen for new animated comedy series, ‘Captain Fall’.

Captain Fall is the story of a warm-hearted, naive and innocent sailor, Jonathan Fall, who unknowingly lands himself into the captaincy of a smuggling ship. Netflix has confirmed that this animated comedy-of-errors will have 20 episodes in total and would be released in two parts.

Helgaker and Torgersen both serve as the sole creators, producers and showrunners of the to-be-released Captain Fall. Apart from the duo, Joel Trussell, director of animated shows like Electric City, Pickle, and Peanut, will also serve as an executive producer.

It will be the first time for the makers to make a shift from live-action to animation. Although it opens up a plethora of oppurtunities in front of them, it will also bring forth it challenges. It is creatively limitless, but at the same time, the makers have to give extra efforts to make it connect with the audience all over the world.

Previously, Helgaker and Torgersen had worked with Netflix to bring out Norsemen, a comedy series based on the lives of a tribe of Norsemen who lived in an 8th-century Viking village. 

After the third season of the series premiered on Netflix earlier this month, the internet had appreciated the novelty of showing the savages with a touch of humour. 

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