Buried By The Bernards on Netflix: Heart-warming funeral home comedy

Netflix released the trailer of another reality series, Buried by the Bernards, which will premiere on Friday, February 12. This drama-comedy features the members of the Bernard family: Ryan Bernard, Debbie Bernard, Deja Bernard, Raegan Bernard, and Kevin Miller.

It takes you on the other face of what it is like to work at a funeral home. Instead of being dark, dusty, and disturbing, as it is expected to be, this funeral home is filled with many sweet quarrels and heart-warming instances.

The series revolves around the Bernards and their unique Memphis funeral home with lots of drama, emotions, and sarcasm.

This started with Debbie Bernard, Ryan’s mother’s idea to create a commercial to advertise their decent-costing drive-thru viewing services. Unexpectedly, the commercial was viral, it was also seen on Steve Harvey’s TV show, New York Post, and in a feature on HBO. And now the family (Debbie, Ryan, Miller, and Ryan’s two daughters), is going to premiere their very own reality series on Netflix on February 12.

In the eight episodic dramedy series, the audience will enjoy the day-to-day operations which were filmed in the beginning of 2020 causing the business to grow during the pandemic.

Speaking about the show Ryan said:

“Although we want to put out a good product and do a good show, we still wanted to be taken a serious as a funeral service, you know…So you know, it was kind of it was kind of a balancing act.”

Watch the trailer for Buried by the Bernards here:

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