Blasted: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Blasted is an upcoming Norwegian Sci-Fi film that centres on former childhood friends and a laser tag duo getting invaded by aliens at their bachelor’s party.

Release date

Blasted is scheduled to release on Netflix on June 28.

Cast and creators

  • Axel Boyum
  • Fredrik Skogsrud
  • Ingrid Bolso Berdal
  • Andre Sorum
  • Mathias Luppuchini
  • Eirik Hallert
  • Evelyyn Rasmussen Osazuwa
  • Ingar Helge Gimle
  • Rune Temte
  • Modou Bah
  • Cecille Svendsen

Directed by Martin Sofiedal

Written by Emanuel Nordrum


“Blasted follows two former childhood friends Sebastian and Mikkel reuniting for the ultimate bachelor’s party. Sebastian is a corporate employee while Mikkel has not matured enough since their laser tag duo days. Things go awry when an alien group stumbles into the party, and both rekindle their friendship to defeat the invasion.”

Other details

Blasted is inspired by a real-life 1930s UFO phenomenon in Hessdalen, Norway. Are Heidenstrøm (Miso), Peter Bose, and Jonas Allen will serve as producers and executive producers for the film.


The teaser begins with Sebastian’s wedding and the proposed bachelor’s party. Sebastian wants to impress a client by throwing an extravagant party. He invites his former childhood friends and laser tag partner Mikkel. The following scenes follow the full-scale invasion of aliens while Sebastian and Mikkel form the laser tag duo to flush out aliens from the planet.

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