Bhalla Calling Bhalla: ZEE5’s family entertainer shot during lockdown

ZEE5 is set to release its latest family-entertainer web series ‘Bhalla Calling Bhalla’, shot entirely online during the lockdown period.

Coming out on International Family Day (May 15), it revolves around how a dysfunctional Punjabi household residing in Gurgaon deals with the lockdown.

Being forced to stay at home makes the family realise they need to ‘stay together’ during these unprecedented times.

The cast of Bhalla Calling Bhalla features Lubna Salim (Mrs. Lovely Bhalla), Rajesh Kumar (Mr. Bhalla), Leenesh Matoo (the son Sahil Bhalla), Gracy Goswami (the daughter Lisa aka Arundhati Bhalla) and Gaurav Gera (Mrs. Bhalla’s brother Gaurav Singh)

The official description by ZEE5 reads:

“Owing to the lockdown, Mrs. Bhalla has scheduled daily family video calls on her calendar as she is multi-tasking. From lessons on cooking, cleaning and discussing relatives to forcing the family to be a part of online Satsang, the Bhalla family has a new subject for conflict and conversations each time. The interpersonal dynamic between the family also goes through a myriad of emotions thus making it a wholesome family entertainer.”

The web series consists of 12 episodes, each lasting 7-8 minutes. It has been shot from the safety of the actors’ homes.

The official trailer gives us an introduction to all the characters as well as a glimpse of their personalities. The web series is sure to provide much-needed light entertainment during the crisis.

Talking about the unique web series, writer Sumrit Shahi said in a statement: 

“The most unique thing about ”Bhalla Calling Bhalla” is that it is a show that is completely conceptualised, written, shot, edited and is presented to the audience during the lockdown. There was no set, no actors met each other. All of it happened remotely so it is truly a new-age technology experiment that we have done in this lockdown.”

The platform seems to have found a way around the production halt that has hit the entertainment industry. Combined with original releases such as the comedy film ‘Ghoomketu’, ZEE5 barely looks to have slowed down.

The lockdown has forced streaming platforms to think out of the box. Eros Now recently released ‘A Viral Wedding’, which was also shot completely during the lockdown.

The web series is based on a social media influencer who refuses to cancel her wedding even during lockdown.

Such innovative approaches could pave the way for more stories being told while respecting social distancing, which is fast becoming the norm.

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