Between Two Ferns: Trailer for the official movie released

The talk show which offends people all over is now a movie. The official trailer released by Netflix tells the story.

Hosted by actor Zach Galifianakis, Between Two Ferns is a long-running set of celebrity interviews noted for their awkward and deeply offensive manner.

The show is very popular on YouTube has now been made into a movie by Netflix.

The plot revolves around Zach trying to restore his lost reputation as the same can be seen from the trailer. The clip shows Zach making a deal with comedian Will Ferrell to go across the country and shoot more episodes in exchange for a network show.

Between Two Ferns has always been big on the cast and the movie doesn’t disappoint either. Some of the celebrities making an appearance on the show include Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, Peter Dinklage, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brie Larson, Keanu Reeves. The full list includes many more.

Towards the end, Zach makes it a point of mentioning that Between Two Ferns will be a Netflix exclusive so no theatrical release. The movie will be available to stream on the platform come 20th September. Check out the trailer:

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