Betaal: Red Chillies Entertainment’s brand new zombie series for Netflix

Netflix India has revealed a new zombie web series titled, Betaal. The show is being produced by acclaimed horror studio Blumhouse Television, SK Global Entertainment and Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies entertainment.

This will mark the third officially announced collaboration between Red Chillies and Netflix after Emraan Hashmi’s Bard of Blood and upcoming Bobby Deol led film, Class of ’83.

Now, the streaming giant has dropped an official trailer for the web series and it seems like an Adrenalin pumping ride throughout.

According to the official description:

Hell is about to be unleashed. A tunnel, which no one has dared to open for decades, hides a curse that could change an entire country’s fate forever. What is the cost for those who would dare to step inside? How far would you go to battle the demons within?  While on a mission to displace the natives of Campa forest in order to build a highway, Sirohi and his squad unwittingly unleash the curse of Betaal mountain that wreaks havoc on the people and threatens to end civilization as we know it.


Betaal is set in a remote village, which plays host to a deadly supernatural battle for survival.

When a two-century-old East India Company Colonel, infected with Betaal’s curse along with his battalion of blood-thirsty zombie soldiers are released from their tomb, all hell breaks loose. They wreck havoc upon the village and start killing anyone with a heartbeat.

With the CIPD (Counter Insurgency Police Department) forces facing the un-dead army, vulnerable locals are stuck in this fight, struggling to stay alive.

The trailer is intense and reveals just enough of the series to be hyped about it. The VFX look convincing and snippets of the battle are brutal. All this adds to the graveness of the situation and hopefully, the entire web series will be equally effective.

Betaal stars Viineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillay, Jitendra Joshi, Jatin Goswami, Manjiri Pupala, and Syna Anand. It has been written & directed by Patrick Graham (Ghoul), co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan and co-written by Suhani Kanwar.

Talking about Betaal, Patrick Graham said:

“After ‘Ghoul’, I wanted to create a different kind of horror series, which was more action packed and accessible. The concept of a cursed mountain containing an ancient spirit takes inspiration from Indian mythology, and it’s about time we saw some zombie redcoats in popular fiction! The series weaves its own ghost story to give backing to the action and suspense that then follows.

Netflix has always been supportive and nurturing towards creativity and I love working with them. I hope there is enough horror, suspense, shocks and, above all, strong characters to keep the audience hooked right up until the very end. You can expect some blood, some guts, and a lot of drama and emotion that should provide an exciting binge-session for everyone at home!”

The series will premiere on Netflix on May 24:

Check out the trailer here:

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