Behensplaining: Srishti Dixit and Kusha Kapila review Netflix shows

Internet sensations Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit are all set to host weekly YouTube entertainment series, Behensplaining.

Behensplaining revolves around Netflix’s content being reviewed, summarised and assessed by the former iDiva (Kapila) and Buzzfeed India’s (Srishti) content creators.

The series is described to have “sketches and interviews of cast and crew members” alongside the hosts’ comments and opinions.

Both Dixit and Kapila took to Instagram to announce the arrival of the show.

The trailer shows Dixit and Kapila doing quirky acts such as placing underwear on their head and hysterically pretending to cry. Kapila describes it as “the show that finally explains what behens [sisters] all around the world are thinking”.

Both Kapila and Dixit quit their full-time jobs earlier this year before the release of Behensplaining.

Kapila and Dixit review the Netflix Original series Stranger Things for their first episode. You can find the episode here:

Video Source: Netflix India’s YouTube

You can watch the teaser for the series here:

Video Source: Netflix India’s YouTube

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