‘BEASTARS’ season 3 to release in 2024, confirmed as finale

Season 3 of the Netflix anime series ‘BEASTARS’ has been confirmed for a 2024 release window. This will be the final season of the show.

It first debuted in Japan in October 2019, before releasing worldwide on Netflix in March 2020.

The series is set in a world where beasts of distinct kinds co-exist. The protagonist, Legoshi, is a timid wolf who awakens to his predatory instincts.

Cherryton Academy, a school where the beasts are divided into predators and prey, witnesses the murder of a herbivore, and Legoshi finds himself the prime suspect.

As per data released in 2020, BEASTARS is one of the most popular Netflix original anime shows in different parts of the world.

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Others include The Seven Deadly Sins, BLAME!, Kengan Ashura, Baki and Castlevania, which concluded last year, with a spin-off now in the works.

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