Baki Hanma season 2 now under production, Netflix announces

Netflix has announced that season 2 of the action anime series ‘Baki Hanma’, which follows the titular protagonist Baki, is now under production. 

The series is a direct sequel to ‘Baki’, which has 2 seasons. Baki Hanma season 1 premiered in September last year.

It revolved around the fighter getting himself locked up in the Arizona State Prison on purpose in order to take down America’s strongest man, Biscuit Oliva. The season ends with Baki beating him and getting a pardon.

As per the sneak peek, this season will see him face off against an ancient fighter named Pickle, who has been resurrected after being preserved in salt rock.

If the anime series remains faithful to the manga, this will be Baki’s last challenge before he finally battles the world’s strongest man; his father Yujiro Hanma.

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The release date has not yet been revealed.

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