Baby Fever: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

Baby Fever is a Danish series about a fertility doctor who accidentally inseminates herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm and becomes pregnant. 

Release date

All the 6 episodes of Baby Fever are set to release on Netflix on June 8, 2022. 

Cast and creators

  • Josephine Park
  • Olivia Joof
  • Simon Sears
  • Mikael Birkkjær
  • Charlotte Munck
  • Tammi Øst

Created by Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer


“When Nana (Josephine Park), in a drunken state, inseminates herself with a really special portion of sperm – namely her ex-boyfriend’s – she starts a chain reaction of catastrophes, both big and small. This rash move leads to a pregnancy and Nana now has to figure out how to explain her condition – which one can’t hide forever – and win back her ex-boyfriend and long-lost love. The problem is just that he doesn’t seem particularly interested in getting back with Nana.”

Other details

When asked about her role, Josephine Park, remarked: “I was in no doubt when I was offered the role of Nana in SKRUK because the series touches on something that fills a lot of people’s lives: the desire to have children and having a hard time with it. I hope SKRUK can help to debunk preconceived ideas around being in fertility treatment and in an unpretentious way articulate the pain but also the joy that can be associated with creating a family.”


In the teaser, Nana is seen lying to her patients about her imaginary children and, less than likely, maternity condition to make them more comfortable with her and form a sympathetic bond. But everything goes south when she accidentally impregnates herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm. 

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