The next step is going to be digital films: Ayush Mehra on his career goals

Ayush Mehra, digital media heartthrob, recently appeared on The Ranveer Show where he talked about his personal life as well as his professional goals. 

On the subject of his career, Mehra admitted that he had explored all aspects of show business, from assisting in films, acting in theatres to appearing in advertisements, before getting his break on OTT platforms. “The next step is going to be digital films or films,” Mehra stated.

He further talked about becoming a mainstream actor one day; he thinks he has the potential to be one, but it will take time. He plans to get there by building a strong base first and then being dedicated to his work. 

Mehra is one of the few actors, on the digital platform, who have a strong fan base. He attributed this attention to the projects that he has done in the past; he has mainly appeared in romantic videos of FilterCopy. On screen, he has to portray what romance is; he has to do it in a certain way as he has to do justice to the scene.

His new show Operation MBBS is different from his usual projects. He said that he chose to be involved in this project as, “My state of mind was to do something different and broaden my horizon as an actor.” 

In the future, he plans to try his hand at different genres. However, he primarily wants to stick to what he is best known for, that is romance. He also hinted that there is a romantic show coming soon. 

Being an actor comes with a baggage of its own. According to Mehra, this high-pressure job takes a lot of practice and rehearsal behind the scenes with a spoonful of rejection at every step. 

Apart from his career, he discussed his family and his relationship that gets him through thick and thin. He, as an actor, is extremely disciplined and grounded; he shared the principles that have played a role in his success. 

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