Atlanta season 4: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Atlanta season 4 continues the storyline of Earn managing his rapper cousin Paper Boi’s career while struggling with parenthood, poverty and homelessness in the namesake city.

Release date

The final season of Atlanta is set to premiere on September 15 and will be streaming on Hulu.

Cast and creators

  • Donald Glover
  • Brian Tyree Henry
  • LaKeith Stanfield
  • Zazie Beetz

Created by Donald Glover

Produced by Hiro Murai, Paul Simms, Dianne McGunigle and Alex Orr


“Young rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles and his manager cousin, Earn Marks, try to build their music careers in Atlanta with the support of their best friends, Darius and Van.”

Other details

Although most details about the season are under wraps, the creator and director promise a nostalgic goodbye to the show, coming back to Atlanta in the summer that was last seen in season 1.

Fans can also expect surprise cameos like the previous season.


Earn, Van, Paper Boi and Darius are back in action, returning to their Georgia roots. It’s summertime, and “work is good” claims Earn. Paper Boi, now an international rap star, is collaborating with other artists, and Earn takes his family on a camping trip. While Darius explores a career in hospitality.

Together, the foursome goes through their daily life struggles. Will they get a happy ending?

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