Atkan Chatkan: ZEE5 to stream Drums Sivamani musical

ZEE5 released the official trailer of Atkan Chatkan, a Hindi-language musical film. It will be available for streaming on Zee5 from September 5, 2020, onwards.

Saumyy Shivhare has directed India’s Piano Prodigy Lydian Nadhaswaram along with four other child actors: Ayesha Vindhara, Yash Rane, Sachin Chaudhary, and Tamanna Dipak; in this inspiring story of the dregs of society following their passion for music and turning it into something significant.

Backed by A.R. Rahman, Atkan Chatkan has acclaimed percussionist Sivamani as its music composer.

The trailer of Atkan Chatkan launches on the melodious notes of a mouth-organ with a kid running through the streets, finding a beat within and expressing it by slapping his hands on his waist. A voiceover announces that there was something different about him; either music used to find him, or he used to find music; that the voice couldn’t understand that about him.

Atkan Chatkan is the story of Guddu, enacted by Nadhaswaram, who aspires to learn music in the fictional Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (Tansen Music Academy), a prestigious music school. But he is discouraged from dreaming big since his financial condition doesn’t allow for it.

Guddu’s friend, the crutch-clutching Madhav, comes up with the brilliant idea to form an orchestra with their friend Chuttan and Guddu’s younger sister, Meethi. Played by Yash Rane, Madhav is a balloon seller.

An alcoholic father who depends on his young son to earn the bread doesn’t deter Guddu from giving wings to his dreams as he finds support, even if with conditions, from someone at the music school. The trailer of Atkan Chatkan further mesmerises us with a catchy tune, a beat of a number of percussion instruments, and some innocent and playful singing.

The name of the movie seems to have been inspired from the song ‘Atkan Chatkan’ of the 1978 Bollywood movie Raja Rani Ko Chahiye Pasina (the King and Queen only want labour) by celebrated Indian filmmaker V. Shantaram. The title song, on the other hand, celebrates being the ruler of hearts despite not living in a bungalow or owning a car.

Musical is a film genre in which songs by the characters are interwoven into the narrative, sometimes accompanied by dancing. While almost all Bollywood movies are primarily song and dance fests, it has been quite some time since we last saw a film that is not a romantic musical.

In spite of facing constant opposition from the adults, it will be interesting to witness the dreams of this merry band of children come true. “Dreams don’t take into account either the age or the status of an individual. Those who dream have no fear.”

Check out the official trailer of Atkan Chatkan here:

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