Anshumaan Pushkar and Sparsh Srivastava talk about playing cousins in ‘Jamtara’

Ahead of season 2 of the Netflix crime-drama series ‘Jamtara’, actors Anshumaan Pushkar and Sparsh Srivastava, who play Rocky and Sunny respectively, talked about their bond on and off screen.

Pushkar said: “Rocky and Sunny are school drop-outs and have tried to make a living in the best way they can. That relationship looked a lot more real because Sparsh and I actually connected on a much deeper level and not only on a superficial surface level. We are like brothers even off-screen.”

He added that they built a great bond during the shooting of season 1 and their relationship has evolved since then, now considering each other brothers. “I feel it’s a ‘Jai Veeru’ relationship that we share.”

Adding to Pushkar’s statement, Srivastava said: “We are not friends but family. I respect his craft, his work ethic but most of all the kind of human being he is. Grateful that filming Jamtara has given us lifelong memories to cherish. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Jamtara season 2 sees new players and oppressors entering the game. It will focus on the shifting power dynamics. The release date is September 23.

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