AnimeLog: Top Japanese anime studios unite for YouTube channel

Some of the biggest Japanese anime studios, including Toei Animation and Kodansha, have united to create a YouTube channel named ‘AnimeLog’.

The channel’s aim is to release 30000 anime titles by 2022 and hit 300 million views per month. Among the first series to be introduced are Black Jack and Future Boy Conan.

Launched on Friday by AnalyzeLog, an agency that supports digital strategies, the target viewership is currently Japanese but plans for English and Chinese subtitles.

AnalyzeLog said in a statement:

“There exists a problem of illegal video distribution service these days, but ‘AnimeLog’ will distribute only officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together.”

While the more popular titles can be found on anime streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, there has always been a more obvious problem of illegal video streaming for the smaller ones.

With this new platform, it will be easier for viewers to legally stream anime content without the risk of any breach.

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