Andhaghaaram: Netflix to stream Tamil supernatural thriller

Filmmaker Atlee’s Andhaghaaram is set to premiere on Netflix next month. The Tamil language film will be V Vignarajan’s directorial debut, who has also written it.

It will star Vinoth Kishan, Arjun Das, Pooja Ramachandran, Kumar Natarajan, Meesha Ghoshal in pivotal roles. 

Andhaghaaram is a supernatural thriller. It will essay the story of a blind conjurer’s struggle for survival, a washed-up cricketer’s fight for deliverance and a desolate psychiatrist’s quest for reclamation.

Andhaghaaram is produced by Passion studios (Sudhan Sundaram, Jayaram), A for Apple (Priya Atlee) and O2 Pictures (K Poorna Chandra).

Atlee will chair the producer’s seat for Andhaghaaram. He took to Twitter to share the release date.

Atlee, who is himself a director, is ecstatic about Vignarajan’s debut. He said: “This is Vignarajan’s debut feature, but he is a name that people will remember long after they have watched the film.”

Anhdhaghaaram won’t be the first Tamil film to have found home in an OTT release. It has joined the growing list of Tamil movies that have skipped theatrical release owing to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film will also be available in Telegu and will release as Andhakaaram. The film comes out on Netflix on November 24th.

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