Among The Stars on Disney+ Hotstar: Release date, cast and trailer

Disney+ has released the official trailer for its new documentary series, ‘Among the Stars’, which is set to feature a unique excursion into space and the world of NASA.

Release Date

The trailer announced that the documentary series will be available from October 6, 2021, on Disney+ Hotstar.

Cast and Creators

The documentary series features NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy along with his team.

Creators: Ben Turner (Fulwell 73 productions), Gabe Turner, Leo Pearlman, Will Gluck, and Richard Schwartz.


The official synopsis states :

“Among the Stars is a six-part docuseries with fly-on-the-wall access into the vast world of NASA. The series starts with astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy on a quest to get back in his spacesuit for one last mission – to fly to The International Space Station and help find the origins of the universe, but this quickly becomes a tale of the wider team at NASA, their roles on this mission and collective quest to succeed.

“With cameras stationed on both Earth and the International Space Station, using intimate footage, personal video diaries, and live stream footage, viewers are embedded with Cassidy and the team of engineers, flight controllers, and specialists who take on missions risking life, limb, and reputation for the greater good of humankind. Join them as their missions unfold.”


The trailer unveils some up-close footage of the last mission of NASA Captain Chris Cassidy, along with the entire team who take upon the risky mission and show the audience what goes on and beyond the Earth.

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