Amit Trivedi talks about creating music for ‘Qala’

At a recent Netflix press conference, music composer Amit Trivedi discussed the challenge of creating music for a film like ‘Qala’, which takes place in the 1930s.

He said: “I always get inspired by filmmakers and when we were all in Goa, on the first day, Anvita gave a narration and she took me through the world of Qala which was so beautiful, so unique.

“It played in my head and I slept over it and I was thinking about the world and the characters and since music plays such a huge part, I was initially petrified and I didn’t know how to handle this subject and this era.

“The next day I gave myself a pep talk and told myself that I can do this and gradually I entered into this beautiful world and then in 2-3 days it was all done.”

The official synopsis for the film reads: “The film captures the life of a playback singer in the 1930s and the way her tragic past and childhood catches up with her causing her to unravel at the peak of her hard-won success.

It stars Triptii Dimri in the lead, along with Swastika Mukherjee, Amit Sial and Babil Khan in key roles.

‘Qala’ premieres on Netflix on December 1.

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