Amazon Prime Video unleashes trailer for ‘The Last Narc’

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for The Last Narc. The original series following Enrique S. Camarena Salaza, the Mexican-American undercover agent, also known by his nickname, ‘Kiki’.

The four part documentary is directed by Tiller Russell and produced by Amazon Studios and will be released on 15th May.

The plot of the documentary revolves around the story of a brave hero who was kidnapped by a criminal drug trafficking organization on 7 February 1985.

He was then assassinated for being a suspect for being one of the Mexican soldiers who destroyed 1,000 hectares of marijuana plantations in the Spanish municipality.

The documentary reveals never seen before interviews and truths behind the agent’s assassination.

The mysterious death has been portrayed in many forms through varied projects. For example: Drug wars: The Camarena Story (1990) is a mini-series of the U.S. television starring Treat Williams and Steven Bauer.

Likewise, Heroes Under Fire: Righteous Vendetta (2005) is a documentary of the History television channel. These also include Narcos, a Netflix thriller drama and Miss Bala (2011) which was Mexican fiction film.

The Last Narc is going to be another non-fiction uncovering the most minute details behind this historic remembrance.

The documentary will be available on Amazon Prime Video for subscribers to watch it anytime, anywhere. Till then, here’s the official trailer:

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