Gatham: Psycho-noir Telugu film on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video dropped the trailer of Gatham, its upcoming Telugu film. It will be available for streaming on the platform from November 6, 2020.

Written and directed by the award-winning short-film director Kiran Reddy Kondamadugula, the film stars Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe, and Poojitha Kuraparthi. It is produced by Bhargava Poludasu, Srujan Yarabolu, and Harsha Pratap under Off Beat Films and S Originals.

The official trailer of Gatham starts with an intense background score by Sricharan Pakala. In an isolated cabin in the middle of a snow-covered forest, somewhere abroad, lives a man all by himself (Bhargava Poludasu). There are police reports of girls going missing near that area.

The scene abruptly shifts to a montage from the film where the protagonist couple, Rishi and Adithi, played by Rakesh Galebhe and Poojitha Kuraparthi, respectively, are travelling by car to that same cabin. Rishi needs some answers regarding an accident which resulted in the loss of his memory.

It is only when their stay unintendedly prolongs at the cabin, with the mysterious stranger, do they begin to realise that something is off about the man as well as the place.

There is a mystery, there is shooting, there are car chases, and it only keeps on getting weirder and dangerous. There is a news report about an ‘immigrant woman drowned to death’.

What is Gatham then? Is it a revenge story? Or a psychological thriller? Is it a man on a mission or just a psychopath looking for some chills and thrills? The last part of Amazon Prime Video’s official description of the film says:

“The emotional flip in the character arcs combined with a quest to find lot of unanswered questions drives the narrative intensely.”

The film has been shot at Lake Tahoe in California by a group of US-based tech students and IT professionals. Led by Kondamadugula, it is one of his short films that has been developed into a full-length film titled Gatham.

Check out the fast-paced official trailer of Gatham here:

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