Amazon Funnies: Prime Video India’s stand-up content gets new label

Amazon Prime Video India has created Amazon Funnies, a label which will include the stand-up specials available on the platform.

The clip shows bits from Indian stand-up specials currently available on the platform; Biswa Kalyan Rath’s Sushi, Ashish Shakya’s Life is Good, Sumukhi Suresh’s Don’t Tell Amma, Nishant Tanwar’s Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega, Rohan Joshi’s Wake N Bake, Anu Menon’s Wonder Menon, Zakir Khan’s Kaksha Gyarvi and Neeti Palta’s Almost Sanskari.

Apart from these, Amazon Funnies also includes Naveen Richard’s special titled Relatively Relatable, which released alongside the label on March 20.

It also posted a series of tweets with #AmazonFunnies to revisit the stand-ups through the social media platform.

At a time where the entire world is facing isolation due to the spread of coronavirus, streaming platforms are one of the few saviours.

As a means to help audiences explore older content, several streamers have begun marketing existing shows and films through innovative methods.

Prime Video India will be hoping comedy can provide respite to households in these tough times, and, in the process, help them gain viewers.

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