Modern love, culture and traditions: Netflix's All In My Family tells a heartwarming story

Netflix has unveiled the official trailer of ‘All In My Family’, a short documentary based on the life of documentarian Hao Wu, premiering globally on May 3rd.

In an era of embracing oneself and our true identities, the documentary focuses on Hao Wu’s struggle to come out to his Chinese parents and family.

Having achieved the things that his parents wanted him to – academic excellence and success – his only dilemma was how to tell his parents, especially his traditional mother, about his partner and children, raised and born as a modern family in America.

Wu documents his journey to China and whether his family will accept the only love he knows.

The more my mom objects the more I’m determined to have the life I want.

Hao Wu in All In My Family

The documentary will attempt to paint an image of how love triumphs cultures and traditions across generations.

Watch the trailer below:


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