Alice in Borderland Season 2: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

Netflix’s ‘Alice in Borderland’ is a sci-fi series that follows a group of people trapped in an abandoned version of Tokyo and are forced to compete in lethal games for their lives.

Release date

‘Alice In Borderland’ season 2 will stream in December 2022.

Cast and creators

  • Kento Yamazaki as Ryōhei Arisu
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi
  • Yūki Morinaga as Chōta Segawa
  • Keita Machida as Daikichi Karube
  • Nijirō Murakami as Shuntarō Chishiya

Directed by Shinsuke Sato


“Arisu and Usagi must unravel the mysteries of the Borderland in order to return to their world. Shifting from the shocking setting of an empty Shibuya in the first season, this season is set in a devastated Shibuya covered in plants.”

Other details

‘Alice In Borderland’ is based on the suspense manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Haro Aso. It ran from November 2010 to March 2016.


The participants indulge in more games to survive in a new version of the city that seems to be covered in excessive greenery. Meanwhile, they also wonder if they can return home should they win.

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