Alan Yang’s directorial debut Tigertail shows regrets and making amends

Netflix has planned to take the viewers through a heartfelt journey with the official trailer release for Tigertail.

The short trailer follows a young Pin-Jui, who dreams of leaving his poverty-stricken life in Taiwan and moving to America for a better life. However, the dream comes at the cost of Jui leaving the love of his life behind and being stuck in a marriage with a stranger.

We see Jui decades later suffering from a dead-end job, a marriage he is trapped in and a daughter he fails to bond with. However, the crux of the movie lies in how an older Pin-Jui will rebuild his life and finally put to bed his guilt and regrets.

Tigertail is written and directed by Alan Yang and is his directorial debut. Yang has previously worked in many roles including being a writer for ‘Parks and Recreation’, being an executive producer in Apple TV+’s Little America and also co-creating Master of None along with Aziz Ansari.

Tigertail will be available to stream on Netflix come 10th April. Check out the trailer:

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