Air Force The Movie: Danger Close: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

A Malaysian action movie, ‘Air Force The Movie: Danger Close’ follows the story of a rescue mission that has been launched to save the survivors of a plane crash.

Release date

‘Air Force The Movie: Danger Close’ is releasing on January 25, on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Aiman Hakim Ridza
  • Adi Putra
  • Nas-T
  • Pablo Amirul
  • Luqman Hafidz
  • Johan As’ari
  • Jack Tan
  • Sara Ali

Director: Zulkarnain Azhar and Frank See

Official Synopsis

“The PASKAU team was tasked with protecting humanitarians in the war-torn country of Namburi. As they return home, their plane gets shot down by local militants. Upon discovery of the incident, the Malaysian air force launches a rescue mission to help the survivors make a final run to salvation.”

Other details

The movie has already been released on 25 August 2022. However, it is to release on Netflix in January.

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The locals shoot down a fighter craft, and now the military survivors must be rescued. With the words ‘Operation Hornbill is on’, a rescue mission is conducted to save the survivors of the attack. But will the locals back down just yet?

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