Afterlife of the Party on Netflix: Story of growth and redemption

Netflix has released the trailer for the romantic comedy film ‘Afterlife of the Party’, starring Victoria Justice and Midori Francis. The movie is set to premiere on September 2.

‘Afterlife of the Party’ follows the extremely outgoing Cassie (Justice) as she encounters an unfortunate end to her life while celebrating her birthday week. She is then given a chance to right her wrongs and prove that she’s deserving of a place beyond the pearly gates of heaven.

The trailer begins with Cassie and best friend Lisa (Francis), as they plan their upcoming evening. While Lisa wants to stay inside, Cassie wants to head to clubs and let loose. One too many drinks later, she stumbles in the bathroom, meeting her untimely end.

Once she awakens, her temporary guardian angel informs her that she has 5 days to make amends with a select list of people in order to confirm her spot in heaven. What follows is a montage of her trying to accomplish the task of improving the lives of the people closest to her and fixing the relationships that she broke in her life.

‘Afterlife of the Party’ also stars Robyn Scott, Spencer Sutherland and Timothy Renouf among others. The film is directed by Stephen Herek and written by Carrie Freedle. It is produced by Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans.

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Check out the official trailer:

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