A Very British Scandal: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

A Very British Scandal is a dramatisation of the Argyll vs Argyll case which was one of the most public and scandalous legal cases in 1960s Britain.

Release date

All episodes of A Very British Scandal will have their international release on Prime Video on April 22. It had previously been released for British audiences on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Cast and creators

  • Claire Foy
  • Paul Bettany
  • Julia Davis
  • Sophia Myles
  • Sophie Ward

Directed by: Anne Sewitsky

Written by: Sarah Phelps


“The three-episode series depicts the twelve years of marriage, and the subsequent divorce of Duke and Duchess of Argyll, Ian Campbell and Margaret Campbell. Based on real-life, the show is a dramatization of a very controversial part of the life of Margaret Campbell (played by Clair Foy).”

Other details

A Very English Scandal (2018) about the Thorpe affair was also made by the same production company, Blueprint.


While showcasing an opulent lifestyle to their subjects, the Duke and the Duchess of Argyll are experiencing increasing tensions in their marital relationship. Affairs, alcoholism, bad mouthing and financial anxiety all add up to a conspicuously scandalous divorce that gets the public and the media hounding on them.

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