4 Thieves: A humorous loot story by Watcho

Watcho has released the trailer of its upcoming original web series 4 Thieves.


The trailer shows that the story is based on four friends; one of them comes up with the plan to steal 125 paintings from the warehouse of an art gallery. The plan is solid, but the men involved in the execution are ordinary. Things will get of hand when these four come together. 

Even the trailer begins with a voice-over explaining that this story begins sometime in 1671 when the narrator planned a loot with his three friends; it is obvious that the narrator is trying to make this heist sound grand despite it being full of mishaps.

The web series will combine four different stories and create a tale full of madness, confusion and laughter. It promises to keep the audience entertained with the comedy of errors.

Although 4 thieves is a comedy, it is expected that there will be some heart-warming moments between friends. A plan like this cannot be executed without trusting your companions. 

The show stars Gagan Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Saif Ansari, Namiz Qureshi and Srishti Vaid. It is written and directed by Gautam Parvi.

The mini series will have five episodes and is expected to release soon on the Watcho app. 

Check out the trailer for 4 Thieves here:

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