Top 5 web series to watch on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and if you don’t have plans to spend it with anyone, we’ve got you.

Do not fret. Grab a tub of ice cream and select one of these (non-romantic) web series to watch. Here are our top 5 picks that you can binge-watch:

1.) Schitt’s Creek

Available on: Netflix

No. of seasons: 6

This Canadian sitcom is perfect for binge-watching. Roses – the ultra-rich family find themselves broke and are forced to live in a small town Johhny Rose bought for his son as a joke. Follow their journey from living a superficial life to… we’ll let you find out.

2.) TVF Tripling

Available on: TVF Play

No. of seasons: 2

If you’ve been living under a rock and are not aware of this gem, this is the perfect day to watch (or re-watch) TVF Tripling. Witness the adventures of the three siblings (Chandan, Chitwan and Chanchal) as they find themselves in absurd yet hilarious situations. The show is all about family and would leave a smile on your face.

3.) Lakhon Mein Ek

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

No. of seasons: 2

Created by comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath, this web series is all about misfits navigating through life. The first season features Ritwik Sahore in the lead and season two has Shweta Tripathi playing the protagonist. The two seasons can be watched separately as well.

4.) American Vandal

Available on: Netflix

No. of seasons: 2

This documentary-style web series has two seasons that are equally good. It is a satirical take on the “true crime” genre. American Vandal is the story of two teenagers investigating the crimes that happen at their high school. You cannot miss this one.

5.) Kaafir

Available on: Zee5

No. of Seasons: 1

Set in Kashmir, this ZEE5 original web series tells a crucial story. The cinematographer captures the beauty of Kashmir extremely well. Dia Mirza plays the lead role of Kainaaz Akhtar along with Mohit Raina as Vedant Rathod. Kaafir has a gripping narrative that describes the fight for justice by a mother and her daughter.

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