Top 8 upcoming shows & movies on Prime Video in November 2022

Prime Video travels back in time for November of 2022 with movies set in the 1800s and 1900s, while also keeping up with the 21st century through romantic comedies and hard-hitting dramas.

The month is full of star-studded performances, with Harry Styles starring in My Policeman and Emily Blunt exploring middle America in The English.

Allison Janney, Kristen Bell, and Ben Platt attend a wedding they don’t want to in The People We Hate at Wedding, while James Corden goes through hell as a star chef in Mammals.

Here are the top 8 upcoming shows and movies arriving on Prime Video in November 2022:

1. My Policeman

Cast: Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, Gina McKee, Linus Roache, David Dawson, Rupert Everett

My Policeman tells the story of a forbidden love set in 1950s Britain and follows the policeman, Tom, a teacher named Marion, and a museum curator named Patrick.

Years later, in the 1990s, they get another chance to fix the damage they have done to their relationships in the past.

Release date: 4 November

2. El Presidente: The Corruption Game season 2

Cast: Andrés Parra, Albano Jerónimo, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Eduardo Moscovis

The second season of El Presidente explores the origins of FIFA’s transcendence and how it went from being a simple sports organization to a commercial and political powerhouse.

The new season chronicles the story of Jean-Marie Faustin, better known as João Havelange, who was at the center of this transformation as he pursued being the president of FIFA in order to change the game forever.

Release date: 4 November

3. Autumn Beat

Cast: Hamed Seydou, Abby 6ix, Geneme, Juliet Joseph, Dylan Magon, Mohamed Diallo, Marco Renna, Mamy Seny Gueye, Francesco Danquah, Mafoku Michelle Cloe Kengne

Brothers, Tito and Paco, dream to break out into the world of rap and music, owing to the exceptional talent they carry. Paco is a born performer, and Tito writes like anything.

Things go sideways as their bond is tested when a woman enters their lives. Their ambition and love for her clash in this three-decade-long story.

Release date: 10 November

4. The English

Cast: Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer

Set in 1890, in middle America, an aristocratic Englishwoman, Lady Cornelia Locke, joins hands with Eli Whipp, an ex-cavalry scout, as they travel across a violent landscape with their own set of goals in mind.

Once they get closer to their destination, they both start realizing that their destiny is deep-rooted in their shared past as they face the future that is about to come.

Release date: 11 November

5. Mammals

Cast: James Corden, Sally Hawkins, Melia Kreiling, Colin Morgan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Samuel Anderson

The life of Jamie, a Michelin star chef, implodes when he comes across the secrets of his pregnant wife. In an attempt to help Jamie, his brother-in-law, Jeff, joins in, only to see his marriage to Jamie’s sister, Lue, fall apart.

While Lue turns towards a secret fantasy world, Jamie’s wife, Amandine, turns to playing violin and finds solace from an unlikely source.

Release date: 11 November

6. La Caída

Cast: Karla Souza

Mariel, a veteran competitive diver, has one last chance to compete at the Olympics. As she trains hard to achieve that, a terrible truth surfaces and she questions if winning is her ultimate dream or not.

Release date: 11 November

7. The People We Hate at the Wedding

Cast: Allison Janney, Kristen Bell, Ben Platt, Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Alice and Paul, along with their mother, Donna, unwillingly agree to attend their estranged, wealthy half-sister’s wedding. The unlikely reunion over the weekend ends up motivating everyone to move forward with life.

Release date: 18 November

8. Good Night Oppy

Cast: Angela Bassett

Good Night Oppy chronicles the story of Opportunity, a rover that was sent to Mars for a fifteen-day mission but ended up surviving there for over 15 years.

The show will explore how humans built this rover and formed a connection with it over the course of years.

Release date: 23 November

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