9 best shows & movies coming to Prime Video: December 2022

The month of December 2022 for Prime Video is filled with high-octane family dramas, a few crime thrillers, and some heart-warming shows and movies.

The very successful Richards family kicks off the month with ‘Riches’. Alfred Molina investigates a case in a village away from the outside world in ‘Three Pines’.

The month closes with Anna Diop starring in a psychological horror drama and John Krasinski returning as Jack Ryan in the show’s third season.

Here is a list of the best nine shows and movies coming to Prime Video in the month of December 2022:

1. Riches

Cast: Deborah Ayorinde, Hugh Quarshie, Sarah Niles, Adeyinka Akinrinade, Ola Orebiyi, Nneka Okoye, Emmanuel Imani

The world of the stylish, privileged, and super-successful Richards family comes crashing down when Stephen Richards, the owner of a multi-million dollar cosmetics company called Flair & Glory, passes away.

The lives of his children from two different marriages start to intertwine as they fight for their claim over the company.

Release date: 2 December

2. Three Pines

Cast: Alfred Molina, Rossif Sutherland, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates a case at the Quebec village of Three Pines. Though his team is not welcomed with open arms, Gamache, for some reason, finds himself drawn to this unusual place and its residents.

Eventually, he dives deep into their lives and the secrets buried at the Three Pines, which is more like a sanctuary away from the outside world.

Release date: 2 December

3. The Bad Guy

Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Claudia Pandolfi, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Selene Caramazza, Giulia Maenza, Antonio Catania, Fabrizio Ferracane

Nino Scotellaro, a Sicilian public prosecutor who spent his entire life working against crime and the mafia, gets accused of being one of them. After getting painted as a bad guy, Scotellaro adapts to this persona and pulls off a cunning revenge plan of his own.

Release date: 8 December

4. Something from Tiffany’s

Cast: Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Smith Sampson, Ray Nicholson, Shay Mitchell

A special box from Tiffany is one of those things that are gifted to lift the holiday spirits in New York. This time around, Rachel and Gary are wondering when they should make that big commitment, while Ethan and Vanessa are about to make it official.

When the boxes of these two different couples are switched, they cross paths with each other and embark on a road that leads them to where they really belong.

Release date: 9 December

5. Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge

Cast: Tamera Mowry-Housley, Clarice Lam, Joshua John Russell

Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge sees America’s best bakers using their imaginations to craft dishes inspired by Dr. Seuss’s characters. Each episode features challenges based on Seuss’s characters and stories.

The show will be hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley, and the dishes will be judged by Clarice Lam and Joshua John Russell based on taste, creativity, and storytelling.

Release date: 13 December

6. LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico season 5

9 best shows & movies coming to Prime Video: December 2022 1
Eugenio Derbez hosting the first season of LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico

Cast: Eugenio Derbez, Capi Pérez, Liliana Arriaga “La Chupitos”, El Diablito, Slobotzky, Ricardo Pérez, Ricardo Peralta, Juan Carlos “El Borrego” Nava, Isabel Fernández

LOLStars are back for more as they haven’t had enough of the pain and humiliation that comes while living inside the LOL House. Eugenio Derbez returns to lock these comedians inside this house of madness for six hours with only one rule: no laughing.

Release date: 16 December

7. Nanny

Cast: Anna Diop, Michelle Monaghan, Sinqua Walls, Morgan Spector, Rose Decker, Leslie Uggams, Zephani Idoko

Aisha, a recently migrated woman from Senegal, works as a nanny to care for the daughter of a wealthy couple in hopes of earning enough money to bring her son to the United States.

As her dream to bring her son back to her closes in, an unknown violent presence haunts her dreams and reality as she wonders what these spirits want with her.

Release date: 16 December

8. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3

Cast: John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Michael Kelly, Nina Hoss, Betty Gabriel

Jack Ryan, now working as a CIA case officer in Rome, is accused of treason after trying to confirm the resurrection of the Sokol Project, which was shut down 50 years ago.

With a red notice for arrest over his head, Ryan is hunted by former allies and new enemies as he aims to uncover the rogue faction behind this mess.

Release date: 21 December

9. Wildcat

Cast: Harry Turner, Samantha Zwicker

In an attempt to escape life, a young veteran starts a new journey inside the Amazon and comes across a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center run by a young woman.

During his time there, he is put in charge of taking care of an orphaned baby ocelot. They both work together to grow and save each other as they navigate life in the wild forests of the Amazon.

Release date: 30 December

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