All 4 shows & movies coming to Apple TV+: December 2022

Apple TV+ has geared up for a festive month ahead with a scarce release schedule. In spite of the few projects, the slate offers a diverse mix of genres.

From drama to thriller to comedy, Apple TV+ proffers a small but diverse set of projects for the month ahead.

And with only a film and two shows that return with new seasons, the streamer has aimed for a compact year-ender in terms of its original releases.

Here are all the shows and movies hitting the streaming platform in December 2022:

1. Slow Horses season 2

Cast: Gary Oldman, Olivia Cooke, Jack Lowden

Season 2 of ‘Slow Horses’ will see the long-buried Cold War secrets surfacing again, triggering another unrest and chaos in the streets of London.

The sophomore season will also see the titular team of heroes rise up, above their failings, and contend with the Russian sleeper agents being reactivated.

Release date: December 2

2. Little America season 2

The second season of the Apple TV+ ‘Little America’ premieres soon with another batch of diverse voices and faces from the American populace that often gets overlooked amidst other socio-political discourses.

With Jesse Eisenberg’s show running, ‘Little America’ season 2 will follow the funny, romantic, heartfelt, and inspiring stories of immigrants in America.

Release date: December 9

3. Puppy Place season 2

Cast: Riley Looc, Brooklyn Mackinzie, Eric Lynch, Dominique Toney

‘Puppy Place’ returns with season 2 with Charles and Lizzie Peterson taking on the task of fostering puppies and finding new homes for them.

This task entails a tough but rewarding adventure with every new pup the siblings foster.

Release date: December 9

4. Emancipation

Cast: Will Smith, Ben Foster, Charmaine Bingwa, Gilbert Owuor

‘Emancipation’ sees a slave fighting for his life and freedom in a dark drama. Peter, a slave, runs for his freedom after being whipped within an inch of his life.

What follows his brave take-off is an arduous, treacherous, and dangerous journey north while trying to outwit the hideous men who hunt for him and the swamps of Louisiana that forgive no one.

Release date: December 9

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