All 4 shows coming to Apple TV+: January 2023

Apple TV+ has a sparse schedule to welcome in the new year with a couple of original series’ releasing that month.

There are a couple of returning series like ‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘Servant’ while Jason Segel’s comedy series ‘Shrinking’ also debuts in January along with a sports documentary surrounding the super league fiasco that hit European football.

Here are all 4 shows coming to Apple TV+ in January 2023:

1. Super League: The War for Football

‘Super League: The War for Football’ is a four-part docuseries that explores the initiative taken by 13 of Europe’s biggest football clubs as they banded together to form a breakaway league of their own in a bid to monopolize the market and ensure their position amongst the elite.

Many of the big players involved in this ordeal were interviewed for this series including UEFA president, Alexander Čeferin, the president of Real Madrid Football Club, Florentino Pérez, and the former president of Juventus Football Club, Andrea Agnelli.

Release date: 13 January

2. Servant season 4

Cast: Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Rupert Grint, Nell Tiger Free

Season 4 of Servant will be the final instalment of the series as Leanne’s war with the Church of Lesser Saints gets to another level bringing even more danger to Spruce Street.

The truth of Leanne Grayson and the child in the Turner family home will finally be revealed in a thrilling conclusion.

Release date: 13 January

3. Truth Be Told season 3

All 4 shows coming to Apple TV+: January 2023 1

Cast: Octavia Spencer, Gabrielle Union, Mekhi Phifer, Tracie Thoms

In season 3, Poppy joins forces with Eva to shine a light on the names of several young Black girls who have gone missing and aren’t getting the kind of the media attention that they should be.

They themselves do their own bit of investigating into a suspected sex trafficking ring so that they can keep more girls safe.

Release date: 20 January

4. Shrinking

Cast: Harrison Ford, Jason Segel, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie

Shrinking is a comedy series revolving around a grieving therapist who decides to forgo his professional training and give his patients his cold, hard opinions.

This scathing attitude has a significant impact on the lives of the patients he interacts with as well as his own.

Release date: 27 January

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