9 best Korean romance movies on Netflix, Prime Video & more

The ‘Korean wave’ is the term given to the rising popularity of South Korean Media over many years thanks in part to their musical exports and increased availability of films and series on global streaming platforms.

One particular genre that is in no short supply is the romance genre. Korean romance dramas are immensely popular for their stories and sometimes quirky settings. Many people enjoy a casual watching of romantic movies, especially romantic comedies that have equal parts silly and serious emotions.

Here are the 9 best Korean romance movies on Netflix, Prime Video & more:

1. Tune in for Love (Yuyeolui eumagaelbeom)

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Kim Go-eun, Jung Hae-In, Park Hae-joon, Kim Guk-Hee, Jeong Eu-Gene, Choi Joon-Young

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Mi-soo and Hyun-woo are two people who meet each other as teens and immediately share a spark but they aren’t able to act on that spark for many years as they keep getting separated from each other at various points in their lives. They manage to maintain contact through several means and keep the spark alive until fate conspires to bring them together once and for all.

Tune in for love became a very popular romance film in South Korea, setting a box office record upon its release. It’s a very heartwarming story of love overcoming the rigours of time and distance to prevail.

2. Love and Leashes

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Seohyun, Joon-Young Lee, Lee El, Baek Hyun-joo, Ahn Seung-Kyoon, Lee Suk-Hyeong

Ji-hoo is quite accomplished in her professional life but he has a particular secret that he tries to keep from everyone. When his colleague, Ji-woo finds out this quirk, that he has a BDSM fetish of being dominated, it leads to an arrangement between to two. Despite their different professional designations, they begin a relationship that flips the script and in turn brings them closer together.

Love and Leashes are an admirable movie about boundaries and love while using a very niche concept as its base. It provides exposure to the idea of BDSM, while not vilifying it downright.

3. Wish You

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Sang Lee, Kang Ye Na, Subin Park, Baek Seo-Bin, Kang In Soo, Jung Ji Yeon

Two young musicians have their paths converge by chance and this encounter leads to a blossoming romance that also furthers their professional careers. They begin to fall for each other as the shy keyboardist allows the talented street singer to get his big break in the industry.

A pleasing and progressive love story about an LGBTQ+ couple is something that has only gained traction in the last couple of years and this movie can be counted as one of the better depictions of a same-sex relationship.

4. Be With You

Available on: Roku

Cast: So Ji-seob, Son Ye-jin, Yoo-ram Bae, So-Hyun Gam

Woo Jin is a single father who has been taking care of his son ever since his wife, Soo Ah, passed away. However, her proclamation that she will return again on a rainy day comes true exactly a year later, but she does not remember anything from her life before. The two spend the rainy season falling in love with each other all over again before she leaves once more.

Be With You is yet another film that set box office records upon its release. The soothing story of a family getting one more chance to live the good times and be together again is what made this film quite popular.

5. Sweet & Sour

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Jacky Jung, Krystal Jung, Jang Ki-Yong

A young couple who falls in love, at first sight, encounters an issue in their early days as Jang-hyuk is transferred to a different position for work that involves a lengthy commute. Coupled with a competitive employee for whom he eventually develops feelings, the movie follows the strained relationship of this couple and how it gets resolved.

‘Sweet & Sour’ depicts the effect that a stressful work environment and schedule can have on a relationship. The comedy is well directed with the actors playing their parts to perfection.

6. The Name

Available on: Prime Video

Cast: Jeon So Min, Choi Jung Won

Ri Ae and Cheol Woo are two individuals with contrasting fortunes. While both claim to be artists, Each has differing talents as well differing resources. When Cheol Woo, the more talented painter agrees to ghost paint for Ri Ae, they begin to spend more time with each other and grow as individuals worthy of each other’s love.

The chemistry between the two leads shines on the screen while the simplistic and comfortable plot allows the audience to kick back and enjoy the film.

7. My Bossy Girl (Neoui yeojachingu)

Available on: Prime Video

Cast: Elliya Lee, Il-Joo Ji, Jeong-min Heo, Ko Gun-Han, Gi-du Kim

Hwi So is a shy but smart engineering student with an aptitude for building robots. Hye Jin is a wheelchair bound student who’s well adept in archery and also has a very straightforward attitude. When Hye Jin crashes her wheelchair at Hwi So’s booth at the university festival day, Hwi So fixes her wheelchair that sparks off a relationship that overcomes disabilities.

An inclusive story with a very matter of fact approach to disabilities, ‘My Bossy Girl’ is nice story filled with a lot of fun moments and happiness.

8. Romang

Available on: Prime Video

Cast: Bae Hae-Sun, Jo Han-chul, Yeong-suk Jeong, Soon-jae Lee, Ye-Won Lee, Jin Seon-kyu

Jo Nam Bong and Lee Mae Ja are a couple in their seventies who have lived a long and content life with each other. But when both of them are diagnosed with dementia, it begins a new chapter in their lives as they contend with this illness and revitalize their marriage despite slowly forgetting about each other.

A extremely pleasing romance between two septagenarians who show the world that if you truly love each other then everything else is just a minor inconvenience. ‘Romang’ puts a focus on something that we don’t see often in media which is refreshing.

9. Au Revoir, UFO (Annyeong! UFO)

Available on: Prime Video

Cast: Eun-ju Lee, Beom-su Lee, Tae-gyu Bong, Byun Hee-Bong

Sang-hyeon is a bus driver who lives out his daydreams by recording his own “radio shows” for the people who ride his bus. When he comes across Kyeong-woo he is immediately smitten by her. Kyeong-woo is blind and has recently moved into the neighbourhood. She doesn’t give Sang-hyeon the time of the day but eventually the hard exterior melts and she gives in to emotion.

This is an entertaining romantic comedy with a surprising subplot that definitely catches the audience off guard. It does make use of many cliches but in the end it is a solid film with a stable story.

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