5 original Netflix holiday films of 2019 you need to watch

You better watch out (for that notification tab), you better not cry (at all of the cheesiness), you better not pout (at the cliffhangers), we’re telling you why – because Santa Claus has come to town and he has brought the best holiday entertainment with him.

Eggnog in one hand and leftover Christmas dinner in the other, we can assure you that the most wonderful time of the year will be just that, as you sit back and relax to the tunes of the holiday season entertainment brought to you by Netflix.

You’ll be doing alright with your Christmas of white, but we’ll have a holly jolly Christmas with our choice of these Netflix original Christmas specials of 2019:

1. Klaus

10/10 animation. 10/10 storyline. 10/10 vocal performance. 10/10 emotional. Klaus is bringing back the trend of animated Christmas movies, having surpassed 30 million streams in its first month. Step aside please Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, there’s a new Christmas classic in town.

Klaus gives a twist to the origin of the story of Saint Nick (a.k.a our man, Santa Claus) in an alternate universe 19th century setting, where a postman forms a unique friendship with a reclusive toymaker.

The Spanish animated film is not to be mistaken for a mere kid’s movie, because the sentiments it is bound to elicit surpass toddler giggles and tears. It is touching, genuine and exudes so much heart and soul, you’ll most probably suffer from post-Klaus-depression. In a good way.

2. Holiday in the Wild

What do you do when your husband jilts you on your second honeymoon and serves you with divorce papers? You make the trip to Zambia alone, meet a handsome pilot, fall in love with said pilot, play Doctor Dolittle for the remainder of your stay, help fund a sanctuary and live your best life among the African wild. All while spending Christmas with your new love interest and large four-legged friend.

Kate journeys to Zambia alone, in order to figure out the next steps of her life after separating from her husband, but finds more than she expected with Derek and the sanctuary that begins to feel more like home. A heartwarming and smile-inducing film, Holiday in the Wild is a Christmas treat, that reinstates the importance of the joy of giving.

3. Let it Snow – Netflix

Based on John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle’s mixed anthology of the same name, the plot of this Christmas film focuses on three internal crossover romances.

When a group of teenagers get snowed in on Christmas Eve (with their respective sweethearts, because they’re about to get cuffed this season), sparks will fly. Kidding! Well, kinda, but not really. Instead, we promise a rollercoaster of emotions amidst situations of romantic turmoil, where they learn the true value of love, friendship and relationships. Oh, and add ‘the best Christmas party to ever be organised’, to this mix. Let it Snow, indeed!

So, is it gonna take us a snowstorm to find our boo, this christmas?

4. The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas is bound to turn your heart into mush, while you watch Brooke fall in love with a 14th century Knight, Cole. An old crone has magically transported him to 21st century Ohio on a quest, where he must find his true purpose in life.

We are not going to lie. We cringed at the cheesy moments and our eyes glossed over at certain emotional points, but the romance between the science teacher and the medieval Knight, hath doth claimed our hearts. We just want Brooke to have her Knight in shining armour and live happily ever after.

5. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a royal baby in a baby carriage, with a healthy dose of royal madness. This new installation is an anticipated epilogue to the fairytale-esque A Christmas Prince series.

It involves a missing treaty that jeopardises the peaceful relations between Aldovia and the neighbouring kingdom of Penglia, an ancient curse looming over the unborn royal baby, and exposing the bug (in this case, it’s actually a person) that is a threat to the well-being of the royal family. But, we been knew that Queen Amber is a smart cookie. She’s got it all sorted.

Excuse us as we fawn over the cutest little bundle of joy that arrives on Christmas day. And no, it’s not baby Jesus.

An honorary mention: Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush is Netflix’s first Christmas family-themed film with an all-Black cast. The rom-com reacquaints us with the spirit of Christmas and coming together to spend time as a family during the holiday season.

How are you doing this Christmas? New York’s #1 DJ may be slaying at his job, but Rush Williams is trying to reshape his views of a family-filled Christmas and attempting to give love a second chance, after losing his wife.

Holiday Rush a journey of self-discovery, love – both romantic and familial and the joy of Christmas. It makes you appreciate the important people in your life, and believe in the magic of Christmas miracles. This is the cheesy all-Black Christmas movie you need in your list.

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