10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton is a period romantic drama set in London during the marital season where all the latest debutantes parade around in their best attires in search of a suitable husband to take care of them for the rest of their lives. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Bridgerton has gained quite the following ever since it first began streaming back in 2020. During the height of the pandemic, streaming practices were at an all-time high and Bridgerton was one of the beneficiaries of that with its striking visuals and sets as well as steamy romances.

Season 2 picks off in a similar vein with new romances given a chance to blossom while many characters, new and old, can show off their true mettle. Here are the 10 best moments of Bridgerton season 2:

1. Chasing horses

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 1
Image source: Netflix

One of the earlier moments of the season and the very first introduction to the character of Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), this scene perfectly captures the boisterous nature of the Lady as she leads Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) on a thrilling chase across the plains until finally coming out the victor.

It was also the very first showcase of their competitive personalities, something that comes out time and again during the series and also contributes to their eventual attraction to each other.

2. Stable banter

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 2
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With all the members of the ton visiting the races it was Anthony’s first opportunity to spend some quality time with Edwina, and thanks to some sneaky arrangements he was even able to distract Kate while he made his move.

Just as the race is about to start Anthony is asked about his pick for the winner which starts a heated debate between him and Kate about recognising a well-bred horse. Yet again, the back and forth between them builds up quite naturally over time.

3. Talent show

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 3
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Lady Danbury chooses to host a soiree and invites all of Edwina’s suitors except for Anthony Bridgerton. The soiree ends up being a showcase of the many strange and funny talents of the different men vying for Edwina’s attention.

Anthony does eventually show up despite not being invited and begins to read out some beautiful words of poetry. He cannot go through it however and admits that they’re not his but his brother’s words. His admission comes straight from the heart and turns out to be a very touching moment indeed.

4. A soothing touch

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 4
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After spending days together at the Bridgerton’s ancestral home bonding over pall mall and other activities, Kate spends one morning by herself. When she comes back from her ride she finds Anthony walking by and the two of them have a conversation by a bed of flowers.

During their conversation, a bee finds itself on Kate’s chest and all of a sudden Anthony begins to hyperventilate, possibly remembering what happened to his father and reliving that trauma. Kate attempts to calm his nerves and the two of them share a very intimate moment that leaves you breathless.

5. An unseemly end to dinner

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 5
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The Sheffield Sharmas are invited to dinner for the impending union of their granddaughter, Edwina, and Anthony Bridgerton but the dinner doesn’t go according to plan. No one else was aware of the arrangement that Kate had made with them regarding Edwina’s inheritance.

When the Sharma matriarch puts down her daughter for marrying a commoner, the night takes a turn for the worse as the real truth comes out. Anthony steps up for Lady Sharma and her daughters and orders that the Lord and Lady Sheffield leave immediately. It was an emotional moment with Anthony’s honour on full display.

6. Stranded at the altar

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 6
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With the queen taking charge of hosting the wedding between Edwina and Anthony, you knew it was going to be the grandest of affairs. Things were still frosty between the Bridgertons and Lady Danbury and the Sharmas and that made things the slightest bit awkward.

When it came time to take their vows, a seemingly inconsequential moment led to catastrophe. As Kate dropped her bangle, Anthony bent down to pick it up for her and the two of them shared a glance that anyone would recognize as a lover’s glance.

Edwina immediately realised the truth and left the altar, completely overcome with emotion.

7. A family’s ball

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 7
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After the wedding fiasco, the Bridgertons and the Sharmas are being shunned by everyone else on the ton. They get together to find a way to get out of this predicament and conclude that showing a united front in public would be good.

They also decide to host a ball together and invite everyone, but when nobody shows up they make good of a bad situation and dance amongst themselves. For a short but sweet moment, they are filled with bliss and distracted from all the public ridicule and judgement that they face.

8. Tragedy in the rain

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 8
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After being shunned by the rest of the ton for their ball, Anthony and Kate are found alone trying to process the situation. One thing leads to another and the two of them give in to their primal urges and make love to each other.

Given how scandalous this action is, Kate rushes home the next morning not able to wrap her head around what has taken place. She goes out on a ride to clear her head and Anthony follows her soon after as it begins to rain down.

Kate rides on but as she approaches a hedge, she loses control of her horse and falls off, hitting her head in the process. Anthony was thankfully right behind her and he carries her in his arms back to be safely treated.

9. Endorsed by the Queen herself

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 9
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The Featheringtons decide to hold a ball as a means to celebrate their ill-gotten gains and invite everyone. The Sharmas attend with Kate recently awakened from her injury. The Bridgertons attend as well, fresh from the scandal of Eloise’s misadventures with a commoner.

Anthony and Kate dance together in front of everyone, unafraid to show how they feel for each other. As soon as whispers begin to rumble about, the queen shuts them down stating that Anthony and Edwina’s marriage was called off because of her and that Kate and Anthony make a wonderful pair.

10. Bonds of friendship broken

10 most memorable moments of Bridgerton season 2 10
Image source: Netflix

Eloise and Penelope meet up at their ball and when Penelope brings up what’s happening with different attendees of the party, it plants a seed of doubt in Eloise’s mind. Later on, when Penelope goes to her room she finds Eloise digging up her things.

Eloise finally deduces that Penelope is the true Lady Whistledown and they get into an argument. Penelope claims that it was so difficult to keep the truth from her best friend, and her final entry that dragged Eloise’s name was only to save her from the queen’s suspicions.

Eloise does not buy any of it, and storms off saying that she barely knows this person in front of her. Someone who had written at the cost of others just so that she could profit from it.

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