10 journalism-based shows on Netflix, Prime Video & more

The field of journalism is so vast and informative, especially with the several advancements in technology and the increasing degrees of access that have been made available in today’s world.

There are so many different divisions in journalism and that allows studios and writers to explore so many different settings and dynamics for their creations. There are multiple examples of series that explore the inner workings of a journalistic enterprise and most of them have been successful and entertaining endeavours.

Here is a list of 10 journalism-based shows on Netflix, Prime Video & more:

1. Good Girls Revolt

Available on: Prime Video

Cast: Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Darke, Hunter Parrish, Chris Diamantopoulos, Joy Bryant

In the 1960s, much like any industry at the time the journalism field was dominated by men with women not given so much credit despite their clear display of skill and intelligence in the role of ‘researchers’. When a couple of women working in the “News of the Week” newsroom decide that enough is enough, they take a stand against the patriarchy to be recognized for their true self-worth.

Based on a true story, this series has a lot of emotion and depth to it and portrays the fight that women had on their hands to be considered equals in such a backward period in history.

2. The Newsroom

Available on: HBO Max

Cast: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Dev Patel

Will McAvoy is an outspoken news anchor for a cable news channel that ruffles some very powerful feathers with his unfiltered opinions. Along with his news team, he attempts to subvert his superiors and benefactors by reporting on the news in an unbiased manner with real moral boundaries despite the severe pushback and criticism he receives.

A series that mirrors reality to an alarming extent, ‘The Newsroom’ is an indictment of the news industry of today that mostly deals with propaganda and polarization rather than true hard-hitting news that affects the public.

3. Sharp Objects

Available on: HBO Max

Cast: Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Matt Craven, Henry Czerny

Camille is a reporter that has just finished a stint in a psych hospital and is back on the saddle for her next assignment. However, that assignment is not a cheerful one as she is tasked with visiting her hometown and digging into the murder of two preteen girls. Going back home to her troubled mother brings back a lot of trauma that she has to overcome to have any chance of finding the truth behind the murders.

A murder mystery filled with drama and suspense, ‘Sharp Objects’ is a thrilling mini-series that takes you on a journey of self-reflection and facing all of your faults to grow as an adult.

4. The Morning Show

Available on: Apple TV+

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman

A morning show on a New York tv station is flung into chaos when one of its hosts is caught up in a sexual abuse scandal. After he is dropped, the station manager brings in a younger more progressive and energetic girl, Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon), as the new co-host much to the dismay of the other host, Alex Levy (Aniston). There are power struggles aplenty in this TV station with everyone looking out for themselves in there.

‘The Morning Show’ is a mix of drama and comedy as the focus is on the inner machinations of a simple variety program on a popular cable tv channel and the variety of employees within.

5. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Available on: Hulu

Cast: Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Gavin MacLeod, Valerie Harper, Ted Knight, Georgia Engel

Mary Richards (Tyler Moore) moves to Minneapolis after a failed relationship and bags a job as an associate producer in a local cable newsroom. Along with her quirky boss and colleagues, she aims to move forward in her life and possibly find love again even if her friends seem like a more reliable bet.

This sitcom was a forerunner when it comes to portraying independent female characters as the lead and broke many barriers with its progressive scripts and character work.

6. Great News

Available on: Apple TV+

Cast: Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, Adam Campbell, Nicole Richie, Horatio Sanz, John Michael Higgins

Katie Wendelson (Heelan) is a news producer who has to deal with the newest intern at her office, her mother. Carol (Martin) has decided to go back to college and part of her credit involved an internship so she decided to apply for one at her daughter’s workplace. She proceeds to dote on her daughter and embarrass her in front of her colleagues but also provides emotional support when they need it the most.

A hilarious setting where a mother and daughter work together but in inverted roles that are the cause of so many hijinks that will provide you with a hearty barrel of laughs.

7. Sports Night

Available on: Apple TV+

Cast: Josh Charles, Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman, Joshua Malina, Sabrina Lloyd, Robert Guillaume

Casey McCall (Krause) and Dan Rydell (Charles) are sports anchors for the nightly cable sports program, ‘Sports Night’. On the screen, they are two charismatic guys who know how to get the latest sports updates across with total flair. Beyond the screen, the story focuses on their romantic conquests and professional conflicts as the team tries to produce a good and popular show amid constant pressure from above.

A casual look into the world of sports as this Emmy winning comedy-drama offers capers and shenanigans galore. ‘Sports Night’ is yet another magnificent creation from the mind of Aaron Sorkin.

8. Inventing Anna

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Anna Chlumsky, Julia Garner, Arian Moayed, Katie Lowes, Alexis Floyd, Anders Holm

Based on the real-life story of Anna Sorkin, this mini-series focuses on how journalist Vivian Kent takes interest in the case of the ‘fake german heiress’ who swindled the New York Elite out of thousands of dollars and uses her investigative journalism experience to uncover the story behind it all.

While ‘Inventing Anna’ shines the majority of the spotlight on its titular character, the efforts of Vivian Kent, loosely based on real journalist Jessica Pressler, should not be overlooked in this dramatic telling of a magnificent story.

9. The Bold Type

Available on: Netflix

Cast: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Melora Hardin, Sam Page, Stephen Conrad Moore

Three millennial women step forth into the cutthroat world of fashion as they work for a global fashion magazine called ‘Scarlet’. The pressures of working in this business threaten their sisterhood as well their mental fortitudes as they have to deal with the usual issues that one goes through in such a high profile profession.

A smart, well-written series that takes a familiar setting but does not entirely rely on all the overworn tropes that come along with it in this depiction of strong female characters moving up in the world.

10. Shrill

Available on: Hulu

Cast: Aidy Bryant, Lolly Adefope, John Cameron Mitchell, Ian Owens, Scott Engdahl, Luka Jones

Annie is a journalist who constantly gets her ideas shut down because of her size. After attending a pool party where people are encouraged to feel comfortable in their skin, she gets the confidence to write a piece on the experience and it becomes hugely popular. But with this newfound confidence comes many other issues that Annie has to learn to confront.

A comedic approach to a real social issue that balances humour and sensitivity. Aidy Bryant is brilliant as the lead in this forward-thinking series about body positivity.

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