Young Royals ending explained: A royal happily ever after?

Netflix’s new Swedish series ‘Young Royals’ is what happens when the crown becomes a punishment and not a privilege.

After a viral scandalous video, Prince Wilhelm is forced to attend the Hillerska Boarding School to repent his behaviour and meet the expectations that come with being a Prince.

At the school, he meets Simon. And thus ensues a hidden romance that makes Wilhelm desperate to grasp his sexuality, sense of duty, and lover. Every apprehension he has had multiplies ten-fold after the sudden death of his older brother and Crown Prince Erik (Ivar Forsling). 

Thus, the weight of the Royal Crown was now thrust upon Wilhelm. Being a teenager in love is difficult… but being a gay teenager in love? That’s a whole new level of complications. Especially when you are next in line to become a King.

What will he choose? His sexuality and Simon? Or his duty as a young royal?

Young Royals ending explained in detail:

The leaked video

Upset and humiliated, August (Malte Gårdinger) leaks the video he shot of Simon and Wilhelm together in bed. August convinces himself that Wilhelm was only out to get him, especially after the Prince outed his dire financial situation amidst a disagreement in front of the Society. 

August always wished to be the one in power. One example is when he readily agreed to switch places with Wilhelm on their drunken endeavour celebrating the Prince’s welcome to the Society. 

This was August’s sweet revenge in the worst possible way. This was an act long overdue as the previous episodes show his gradual descent to jealousy and inferiority. And in his fit of rage, he uploads the video and leaks it through the school computer. Although, Sara notices his actions from afar.

What about Sara and August? 

After an impulsive confrontation about August’s intentions, Sara mentions how much she looks up to him and how she wishes she were more like him. This catches August off-guard but the pair kiss and hook up.

After an unexpected kiss from August several episodes prior, Sara starts harbouring a crush on August. Although the probability of love is quite low, affection does seem to grow between them.

Are Simon and Wilhelm together?

At the very end of the last episode, Wilhelm hugs Simon tightly in front of everybody. The first sign of affection he has shown towards Simon and admittedly a step to embracing his own sexuality.

This shows how Wilhelm has since grown from the second episode where he could barely touch Simon without having to run away for a breath of fresh air. Hugging Simon so openly may not be the biggest and boldest move, but it is definitely a step forward. Especially the quiet whisper of ‘I love you’ from Wilhelm.

His declaration of love, his act of self-acceptance, and his bold move of affection, only exaggerates how bittersweet this ending is for the lovers and the audience.

In the very last shot of the series, Wilhelm seems to acknowledge knows the constant public eyes on him, scrutinizing his tiniest moves. Especially when he breaks the fourth wall by looking directly into the camera. As if he were aware of the viewers watching him. This makes his actions look like a calculated and well-thought move to a plan no one but Wilhelm knows.

So what is Wilhelm planning? Does it mean that this is not the last we see of these characters? Although there isn’t an announcement of a season two, it can definitely be a set up for it.

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