Xtreme ending explained: Does Maximo get his vengeance?

Xtreme on Netflix is a Spanish action thriller with revenge at the center of it. Developed from the 2006 short film Xtremo, the movie is directed by Daniel Benmayor, known for directing fast-paced action movies.

Xtreme follows Maximo, a hitman of a Spanish mafia, whose boss also considers him as his son. He is on the verge of retiring and start a new life with his son after one last job, settling a deal being made between his gang and the Columbian’s gang.

But Lucero, the only blood son of the Spanish mafia’s boss, has a different game plan in his head, to kill the Columbians and his father to seize power and become the head of a Concave established in Barcelona, while his stepsister Maria manages to escape. 

Lucero assigns another hitman Finito on the job to terminate Maximo and his son. With a personal grudge for Maximo, Finito mercilessly shoots his son, while burning Maximo alive in his house, assuming he would die.

The narrative leaps two years later when we get introduced to Leo, a troubled teen burdened by responsibility, dealing in drugs to make some extra cash for running his family. When he finds himself jeopardized in the drug trade, Maximo emerges as his saviour who protects him.

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Maria luckily reached on time to save Maximo’s life two years back. Since then, they both are on a mission to execute their revenge against their vicious brother Lucero. Lucero has been hiding for the past two years and is expected to arrive soon in a Conclave, the meeting between the mafias, trying to gain their support and become the leader. 

As soon as Finito gets aware of Maximo being alive, he attempts to leave no stones unturned to finish him off, out of fear from Lucero. He even kills Leo’s entire family when he discovers his link with Maximo.

Will Maximo be successful to exact revenge on his brother? Will Lucero gain all the power he desired and become the leader of Concave? Will Maximo be able to save Leo, with whom he has developed a paternal relationship?

Xtreme ending explained in detail:

Your heart or your head

Maximo attempts to send a message of him being alive to Lucero. He tracks a perfect route to do so by storming in his casino operated by Urquiza. Interestingly, on that night, 98 million euros are expected to be delivered at the casino, to be used for making peace at the Conclave.

Maria gets secret information to break into the casino. With her guidance, Maximo single-handedly takes down all the guards in the casinos stealing away the cash. When Lucero receives the message: “Your heart or your head”, the situation calls for his arrival.

The troubling situation

Maximo, Maria, and Leo, all three find themselves in trouble as the plot moves forwards. 

On one hand, when Leo gets overwhelmed with grief and his troubles, he gets hold of Maria’s gun and commences on his path to take revenge against Finito, unaware of the dangers involved. Leo gets caught by Finito, and when he is about to execute him, Maria arrives with his car to rescue him and take him to the hospital.

On the other hand, Lucero tries to do away with Maximo by sending one of his men. The man informs Maximo that Lucero has contacted Dimitri, the Russian mafia, and has united the Conclave. He will take over it by paying off the money stolen by Maximo. In close combat which follows, Maximo manages to kill the man.

Lucero reaches for the Concave expecting other mafias to arrive soon. But then he receives an unexpected call from Maximo as a way to signal his triumph over his man, all set to face him in the final battle.

The battle of the swords

Maximo goes on a killing spree, slaying all the guards in the building. On finally reaching Lucero, he gets challenged in a duel involving sword fighting. 

Maximo almost defeats Lucero in the fight, but Lucero plays his ace, bringing Maria who gets caught by Finito. Lucero then hits Maximo, and offers Finito a second chance to redeem himself by killing Maximo. When Finito is about to attack Maximo, Maximo charges back at him, killing him. Maximo and Maria together complete their vengeance against Lucero, stabbing him in both his heart and head.

Leo returns to good health and he leaves along with Maria and Maximo in a car, with a trailer full of money. Leo leaves a money bag for his friend while bidding goodbye to her. 

Maria receives a call from Dimitri revealing that there was no Concave that day, but it was going to happen the next day. All he did was set up a meeting for Maximo with Lucero, which in a way turned out to be benefitting for him. As they drive away, the movie ends on a happy note for the characters.

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