Why did Harlan doubt Trovere? Is she lying?

See season 3 episode 3 saw Wren confirming that Tormada is leading a Trivantian group with advanced deadly weapons. With a Trivantian group led by Trovere already surrounding Payan, the question remains, if the Trivantian ambassador knows about this or not.

Wren and Oloman devised a plan to escape from Tormada’s Trivantian group. While Oloman got caught and killed, Wren sneakily left. She found her way to Payan to reunite with Haniwa.

Harlan suspects Trivantians are using his coal

Wren explained to Baba Voss, Maghra, Kofun, Haniwa, and Harlan, how Tormada is building up his arsenal. She believes the only way to stop the rogue military scientist is by destroying his bombs before he can use them.

Harlan notes that rogue Trivantians are using coal

Apparently, Jerlamarel is dead and now Tormada is forcing his kids to build these weapons of destruction. He can’t kill these kids, since the process of refining coal requires sight.

Harlan notes that these Trivantians are using coal. He is the only one who smuggles most of the coal to the Trivantians. Meaning, Trivantians receive it from Trovere.

Harlan confronts Trovere

Harlan spends no time and approaches Trovere by holding a blade by her neck. He questions if she lied to him as the weapons Baba Voss spoke off are true.

Trovere assures him that she won’t betray him. After hearing what Harlan had to say, Trovere confesses that a portion of her shipments goes to the Military. Harlan wonders if the Military is in league with Tormada. With what happened at Greenhill Gap, Trovere sees this as a possibility.

Why did Harlan doubt Trovere? Is she lying? 1
Harlan threatens Trovere

Fearing a civil war is on its way, Trovere planned to leave with Sibeth. After delivering her, Tormada might sign a peace treaty. If not, she will know where the rogue Trivantian group stands.

Without assurance, Maghra won’t let her sister go either. Thus, a war is inevitable. The only option Trovere has is to expose the rogue faction. She asks Harlan to tag along with her to support her argument. Harlan needs this more than her.

The coming fourth episode of See season 3 may see Trovere traveling along with Harlan to meet the rogue Trivantian faction. Unless Trovere finds out that Sibeth Kane has escaped. If she does, in no time, a war may escalate in Payan.

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