Where is Tom Hagen from ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ now?

The Lørenskog Disappearance on Netflix sheds light on Norway’s mysterious case revolving around the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. The kidnapping was so clean and well-planned that after circling around it, the cops came to the conclusion that Lisbeth’s own husband, Tom Hagen, might have had some hand in orchestrating it. Especially with the fact that they were on the brink of a divorce.

Since the very beginning of the investigation, Tom Hagen always tried to help the cops in finding his wife Anne-Elisabeth Hagen who mysteriously disappeared on the 31st of October 2018.

Whoever kidnapped her, knew their routine, and when to make their move. After chasing a few dead ends, the cops decided to talk to the kidnappers using Bitcoins as a method.

The replies were slow and it almost seemed like the kidnappers didn’t care for the money. So the cops decided to look at the case from a different angle and found out that Tom and Lisbeth were not particularly happy together.

Tom Hagen’s arrest

There was a one-sided prenup that suggested Anne-Elisabeth would get nothing from Tom’s fortune. A friend of Lisbeth’s Mannfred Hansen came forward to tell how jealous Tom was. Tom also knew how to take revenge on someone.

The cops later also found a divorce paper signed by Anne-Elisabeth, but not by Tom. Thus the suspicions grew stronger. The cops still needed a motive.

In April 2020, the cops arrested Tom Hagen and accused him of being the man behind the kidnapping. Based on the fact that Tom always had an alibi and explanation, his blood on the crime scene, and him deleting two of the calls he made to Anne-Lisabeth on the day she died, they took Hagen to the court.

Tom Hagen’s lawyer figured out that the cops had weak ground. He proved that Tom didn’t delete those call logs as his phone can only save six calls from the same person.

With cops not having concrete proof against Hagen, they had to let him go. Thus, leaving them to approach the case differently.

Where is Tom Hagen now?

Tom Hagen still lives in Lørenskog and remains to be innocent. The cops even today suspect Hagen had some hand in this kidnapping, considering the divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Anne-Lisbeth Hagen’s disappearance remains to be one of the unsolved mysteries. No one knows what happened to her, as her body was never discovered.

Hagen on the other hand has stayed away from media and only once appeared on NRK stating he is innocent and their marriage had bumps much like everyone else.

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