How far does West Los Angeles College from Last Chance U: Basketball go?

The second season of ‘Last Chance U: Basketball’ maps the journey of ELAC’s basketball team, which ends with their loss to their district rival, West Los Angeles College. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.

‘Last Chance U: Basketball’ is a docuseries that follows the 2021-2022 season of the men’s basketball team of East Los Angeles College. Their coach, John Mosley, works hard to get his players to realize their true potential.

The docuseries gets the viewers deeply invested in the team’s games and makes them root for the Huskies every single time. However, their 17-game win streak comes to an end when they lose to West Los Angeles College with a score of 85-73.

While it is heartbreaking to watch the Huskies mourn their loss, the docuseries makes the viewers curious about the Wildcats’ story.

The extraordinary season of the Wildcats

Apart from East LA’s team, no other team gets as much attention as West LA in the ‘Last Chance U: Basketball’; it could be because it is West LA that brings East LA’s season to an end. 

However, what is not shown in the series is the incredible season that the Wildcats had in 2021-2022. Their head coach believed that they are an elite team, winning over 20 games a year.

He was not wrong. The Wildcats were among the top 10 in the state because they had won more than 85% of their games; they won 28 out of 32 games they had played that year.

In the final four of the State Championship, West LA lost to West Valley with a score of 67-63, bringing their journey to an end. The Wildcats were the south’s number one seed when their season ended. 

What makes West LA’s defeat peculiar is the fact that they won against East LA but lost to West Valley by just a few points, even though West Valley had earlier lost to East LA.

The man behind the scenes

Anthony Jones, the head coach of West LA’s men’s basketball team, created history with his team when they lost only 4 games in the whole season.

Last Chance U Basketball season 2
Antony Jones, Head Coach of West Los Angeles College men’s basketball team

Jones has been coaching West LA’s men’s basketball team since 2015, and he claims in the docuseries that he has been known as the program starter and changer. 

Mosley reveals that Jones is known as “Truck” among the other coaches. He also talks about the pressure that they feel as black men who are coaching college teams. 

They do not get enough support, and they have to constantly fight to make way for themselves and lead their teams to victory. 

Before their game with the Huskies, Jones tells his team that they do not owe this victory to him but to themselves, and the team takes his word very seriously; his team wins.

Antony Jones is still the Head Coach of West LA’s men’s basketball team. He is assisted by Tristan Taylor, Justin Barnwell, and Lily Mozafari.

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