Viewers can’t stop raving over ‘Invincible’ episode 7

Amazon Prime Video has dropped episode 7, titled ‘We Need To Talk’, of its R-rated animated superhero series ‘Invincible’, and viewers are raving over it.

The episode holds a 9.9 IMDb rating at the time of writing, one of the highest ever recorded.

*Spoiler Alert*

The episode continues after Debbie figured out that Omni-Man killed the entire Guardians of the Globe, and is called on by Cecil for assistance in stopping the defected superhero.

What follows is a chase between Cecil and Omni-Man to locate Mark Grayson aka Invincible, who the former believes is the only chance humanity has against the latter.

Cecil throws all the means he has at Omni-Man in an attempt to slow him down and communicate with Mark, but he powers through it all.

By the end of the episode, Omni-Man tears apart a resurrected ‘The Immortal’ right in front of Mark, leaving him shocked. The last words in the episode are Omni Man’s: “Mark, we need to talk,” a direct reference to the episode’s name.

His motivation for turning against the Earth seems poised to be revealed in the finale.

The adrenaline-filled Invincible episode has received widespread acclaim from viewers on the internet:

Heads up, anime creators:

Don’t forget the animation:

Let’s hope the finale matches this, or goes even further.

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