Trese ending explained: Is Alexandra able to protect Manila?

Trese is an animated horror-crime series exploring the supernatural. It is an adaptation of an award-winning Filipino comic written by Budjette Tanand and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo.

Set in Manila, the series is named after the protagonist Alexandra Trese, a detective with a past, working to maintain the peace treaty between the human world and the Underworld comprising supernatural creatures, which has begun to unravel. 

As the series begins, Trese and the Manila Police Department gets challenged with a series of crimes perpetrating in the city-the murder of the White Lady, the disclosure of Mayor Santamaria’s evil nature, the disappearance of a girl, four astonishing electrocutions, an attack on actress Aurora, and a zombie spell to raise the dead.

Furthermore, Trese receives a warning of “liars among allies” and a storm approaching her. She also attempts to uncover the details of the upcoming turmoil.

Trese follows a non-linear narrative presenting flashbacks in between. The flashback reflects upon Trese’s childhood as she lived happily with her father and her mother. Anton, her father, was the bridge between the world of men and the underworld, ensuring peace. But a blood ritual performed brings Datu Telabusao, the god of death, to life.

Though Anton and Trese managed to eliminate Telabuso in the past, he is likely to return soon to fulfill his ultimate purpose, destruction. Anton adapts the two twins of Talagbusao, Basilio and Crispin, to give them a better future.

When Trese reaches a certain age, she needs to prove her worth by facing trials. Anton informs Trese of her twin sister Sinag who died at the childbirth, who still is part of the family in the form of a forged blade. Anton offers Trese the dagger assuring her that her family will always be on her side.

Trese enters the Balete tree to face her challenge and returns after 5 years to find out that her father died protecting her. The flashback ends with Trese assuming his position, pledging to maintain the accords between both the worlds. 

With so much going on, there’s a lot to uncover about the future of Manila. Will Talagbusao return to destroy the world? What kind of danger is approaching Trese? Will Talagbusao’s twin stay faithful to Trese and her family? Was Anton hiding something from Trese?

Trese Ending Explained in Detail:

Mayor’s plan and Nuno’s tactical betrayal

All the events and crimes which took place were a part of Mayor Santamaria’s plan to gain more power. Siding with him was none other than Nuno, the snitch who avenged Trese as her father refused Nuno’s offer of mutual partnership.

Mayor used his power to turn all the army on his side, putting Trese in a tricky situation. Trese makes a plan with Basilio and Crispin, using Great Santalmo’s fire capabilities to finish off Mayor and Nuno.

The foretold prophecy 

Despite such a big victory, Trese’s worries aren’t over yet. As soon as they win against the Mayor, Talagbusao emerges ripping apart the skin of General Villar. All the weapons and spells seem to be inefficient against him.

Telabusao kills Captain Guerrero by choking his neck, manipulates his twins, and makes Trese his captive. He reveals that he was the driving force who pulled all the strings for that moment to happen. He makes Trese aware of the half-baked truth her father told her. 

Trese’s father lied to her about her twin sister Sinag’s death. Sinag was the fifth child destined to conquer and rule. Trese was the sixth child destined to restore balance and make a judgement on humanity.

Intending to stop the prophecy from coming true, Anton killed Sinag and got rid of the prophecy.

The portal spell

Trese is left stunned while facing the truth. But she realizes what her father did was to save humanity. She remembers a flashback of her father teaching her about the bond and value of family.

Using her familial connection, she frees Basilio and Crispin from Talagbusao’s spell. As both of them continue to distract Talagbusao, Trese opens a portal using dragon blood, leaving him in an unknown realm.

In a post-credits scene, two dock workers get brutally killed by a mysterious creature. The series ends as she utters Trese’s name, indicating she has arrived for her.

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