The Ranger’s back story in See season 3

See season 3 saw Baba Voss leading a group to the House of Enlightenment in order to rescue Jerlamarel’s kids. On their way, Baba Voss recruits someone he owes his life to.

After escaping from Tormada, Wren made her way back to the Payan kingdom to alert them about Tormada and his deadly weapons.

Considering the threat is serious, Baba Voss pitches to rescue Jerlamarel’s kids and destroy the bombs before Tormada can use them.

Baba Voss sets off on the journey with Kofun, Haniwa, Wren, and Charlotte to the House of Enlightenment. On his way, they arrive at the site where Bow Lion died.

With that, they crossed paths with Ranger and Lu. Baba Voss tried to recruit them as well and gave Tormada’s name as a solid reason to fight for the Payan kingdom.

Baba Voss tells Ranger’s story

Despite initially rejecting the offer, the Ranger eventually joined Baba Voss’ group. Kofun asked Baba Voss about Ranger and why he hates Tormada so much.

Voss went on to narrate how he and Ranger grew up and served together in the Trivantes.

It was Ranger who helped Baba Voss escape when he killed his father. He gave Voss his own knots to get past the gate.

When Edo, Voss’ elder brother found out, he arrested Ranger and threw him in a cell. Voss claimed he owes his life to Ranger.

The Ranger's back story in See season 3 1
Ranger prepares to enter the House of Enlightenment

Back in time, Tormada used prisoners for his experiments. He had a belief that he could restore sight.

Although Tormada never became successful in doing so, many suffered because of these experiments. Ranger was one of those.

Tormada used to cut Ranger open, over and over again. What happened to Ranger convinced Kofun that Tormada is someone worth killing and Voss agreed.

The episode came to a close with Voss and Ranger’s group managing to rescue Jerlamarel’s kids, only to find themselves surrounded by Harlan and the Trivantians who came to ambush them at the House of Enlightenment.

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