Sweet Tooth ending explained: Does Gus find his mother?

Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a fantasy drama series that is based on the popular DC comic with the same name, written by Jeff Lemire. Created by Jim Mickle, and executive produced by Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr, the web series is a post-apocalyptic fable.

Sweet Tooth features “The Great Crumble”, that caused devastation on the globe ten years ago, resulting in the inexplicable birth of hybrid kids that were half human and half animal. Many people dread and hunt hybrids, unsure if they are the source or outcome of the illness. 

A protected hybrid deer-boy named Gus (Sweet Tooth) accidentally encounters a roaming loner named Jepperd (Big Man) after a decade of living safely in his remote woodland habitat. 

Together, they go on a perilous journey where they meet Bear and become a trio and embark their expedition through the last of America in quest of answers—about Gus’ origins, Jepperd’s past, Bear’s family, and the true meaning of home.

However, their journey is full of surprising allies and foes, and Gus rapidly discovers that the lush, dangerous world outside the forest is far more complex than he ever anticipated.

The storyline also shows Aimee, an ex-therapist, who, after the devastation, fosters hybrid kids in a zoo as The Preserve.

Tensions escalate as the hybrid kids are being targeted from The Preserve, by the General, for aiding Dr Singh in his quest for finding a cure for the virus. 

Does the trio manage to protect Gus as well as find his mother? Do Aimee and the hybrid kids manage to escape the clutches of the General? Will Dr Singh find a cure? 

In case you missed out on something from the finale for the first season, we have got you covered.

Sweet Tooth ending explained in detail (final episode):

Big Man and his backstory

Jepperd, the Big Man, is shown to be a renowned football player in the pre-apocalypse world. 

As the Sick took off, the timings coincided with his wife having to deliver their baby. As he rushes to the hospital, he fights his anxiety about whether his child would be normal or a hybrid.

As soon as he finds out that his child is part-goat and part-human, his anxiety gets the best of him and he attempts to leave everything behind and run away.

On the way, he meets Dr Singh, who reassures his hope and ability which encourages him to go back to his child and wife. To his misery, they were already gone by then.

That’s how he turns into one of the Last Men and strives for survival. 

Aimee with the fireworks

With Aimee fostering hybrid kids in the zoo, calling it The Preserve, the General, along with his troop of soldiers and ammunition, find their way to the collection of hybrids with an aim of procuring them for the cure.

With a back-up plan in hand, Aimee sends all the hybrid kids to a nearby Church to safety, until she wards off the danger in-sight.

As the General approaches her for the hybrids by sending his army into the Preserve, Aimee sets off pre-planned hidden fireworks that blow up on the General and his plans.

In the meantime, the hybrids hidden away at the Church fall prey into the hands of the Last Men, and are taken away.

Aimee returns to the Church in hopes of finding her hybrids, but in vain.

Sweet Tooth has an existential crisis

As the trio successfully finds out his mother’s location, they come across a twisting truth to Gus’s life story.

Even though they couldn’t see Gus’s mom, they find out her records and her history, which reveals that Gus was actually the first hybrid ever, and that he was created and not birthed.

Falling into an existential crisis, Sweet Tooth storms out in anger and reaches the woods where he finds an abandoned plane along with the Preserve’s flyers, leading him to make a call.

As Jepperd finds him in the woods and calms Sweet Tooth down, he eventually gets to know of the call, which was ultimately too late in time.

The Last Men shoot down Jepperd and take Sweet Tooth into cages and transport him down to the Preserve. Wounded Jepperd is eventually taken under care by Aimee.

As Sweet Tooth is brought down to the Preserve, which is now the base for the General and his army and a working station for Dr Singh’s cure expedition, he is found by Dr Singh.

As Singh finds out about Gus’s speciality, he orders for him to be worked on later and be replaced with another hybrid. Gus is then transferred to a dungeon, of sorts.

At the end, Gus finds a group of hybrids stuck down there and manages to find his kind that needs saving. Jepperd and Aimee are set to work together in rescuing the hybrids, Dr Singh has to find the cure, Bear has to find her hybrid sister, and Gus’ mother is shown to be in Alaska, thus, setting the scene for the next season.

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