Sky Rojo ending explained: The trap

Created by Álex Pina and Esther Martinez, Sky Rojo is a Spanish action, crime, drama web series streaming on Netflix. It revolves around three prostitutes who escape for life after attacking their pimp.

Sky Rojo started streaming on Netflix on March 19, 2021. With the exciting turn of events and a cliffhanger at the end of every episode, Sky Rojo takes you on an adventure filled with blood, drugs, secrets and reality.

Coral (Verónica Sánchez) and Wendy (Lali Espósito) come to Gina’s (Yani Prado) rescue when she attacks their pimp and the owner of the club cum brothel Romeo (Asier Etxeandia). Three of them run away from the club after what seems to be two murders.

Romeo’s henchmen, Christian (Enric Auquer) and Moisés (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) begin to search the three girls. Romeo is alive and is ready to take revenge. The flashbacks hint at the cruelty the prostitutes faced at the club, and they decide to take control of their own lives.

They reach a resort seeking help from its owner, Fernando (a former client). Coral gets overdosed on drugs and recalls her past affair with Moisés. The henchmen catch them at the resort, but the girls try to persuade them at gunpoint.

Gina and Coral run away with the car as Christian drags Wendy out after getting wounded. Wendy runs away and hides at a warehouse where a man helps her escape the henchmen.

The trio reunites and decides to turn the tables. The henchmen brothers go off track to rescue their sick mother. The three girls accidentally come across Romeo, who starts chasing them himself.

Coral, Gina and Wendy escape again and plan for a trap. Will they escape?

Sky Rojo ending explained in detail:

Betrayal and payback

As Romeo returns to the club on crutches, he is eager to take revenge on the girls even more. He comes to know about Moisés and Coral’s affair. He feels betrayed and reminds Moisés about the time when he saved him from going to jail.

Christian questions his brother about the deal with Romeo. Moisés confesses to killing their own father, and Romeo helping him to escape the police. He explains that their father used to beat their mother, but Christian refuses to agree with his decision.

Romeo asks Moisés to pay him back by killing all the three prostitutes. The henchman promises his loyalty and agrees to do anything to regain his guardian angel’s trust. He tracks down the girls’ location and sets out to find and kill them.

The heist

According to the plan made by the three girls, Coral is about to go to the club. She plans to break in and take their passports with all the money in the safe. Romeo takes high doses of drugs sitting in his office.

Coral assures Gina and Wendy that their pimp would not harm her as she has sincerely worked for him for a long time. She is confident of handling Romeo on her own when he is alone. She walks into the club and tries to convince him that she wants to come back.

As per the plan, she also tries to prove her loyalty by disclosing the other two girls’ location. But Romeo, furious with her affair with Moisés, attacks her. They both get into a sword fight, and Romeo goes through a cardiac arrest due to a drug overdose.

Instead of letting him die, Coral tries to save him. Romeo gets his conscious back and gets hold of Coral.

The beartrap

As the henchmen set out on their mission, Christian tries to stop his brother and escape everything. Moisés refuses to betray his boss and asks his brother to leave him. He pushes him off the car and goes after the girls alone.

Gina and Wendy are waiting with a huge hole dug in the ground. They aim to trap the men and bury them with sand. Moisés reaches the location and starts chasing the two girls riding on a bike.

He falls into the trap and starts shooting at the crane driven by Wendy. She successfully covers the car with sand in the ground. But one of the bullets shot by Moisés catches Wendy. Christian starts running after his brother’s car.

The season one finale of Sky Rojo ends with Coral’s narration describing it as just the beginning. The turn of events has left all the characters’ fate on a cliffhanger.

Sky Rojo has already been renewed by Netflix for season 2.

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