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Silence… Can You Hear It? ending explained: Identity of the murderer

ZEE5’s exciting whodunnit, Silence… Can You Hear It? builds an engaging narrative around the unexplained murder of a young woman and takes you on a journey of the unexpected.

The premise is fairly straightforward and takes off when a group of trekkers find a body of young woman on their hiking trail. She turns out to be Pooja Choudhary (Barkha Singh) — the daughter of a former judge.

As the case picks up, Justice Chaudhary (Shishir Sharma) demands ACP Avinash Verma (Manoj Bajpayee) to handle it, owing to his unconventional methods and an unjaded sense of justice.

The eccentric Verma is given a team of three officers comprising Inspector Sanjana Bhatia (Prachi Desai), Inspector Amit Chauhan (Sahil Vaid), and Inspector Raj Gupta (Vaquar Sheikh). The group begin their investigation and narrow down upon MLA Ravi Khanna (Arjun Mathur) as the prime suspect.

Pooja was his wife’s best friend and was last seen at his place. Furthermore, his wife, Kavita coincidentally fell from the stairs and went into a coma the same day.

Verma and his team go over the events of the 72 hours before the body was found, but hit one dead-end after another. Does the slick and intelligent cop manage to solve the case?

Here is the Silence… Can You Hear It? ending explained in detail:

Hidden witnesses

The team is convinced that Ravi Khanna is the murderer owing to his defensive behaviour and presence at the crime scene, however, they are unable to salvage a valid piece of evidence against him.

Fortunately, the aged servant at Khanna’s place tells them about a maid who was relieved of her duties, on the day of the incident. Furthermore, his call records show multiple calls to a night club bouncer, Sunny, on the same day.

The two discoveries end up being related as the maid saw Sunny coming out of the flat, when everyone else was at the hospital owing to Kavita’s accident, with a huge sack and leaving via the lift. The maid phoned Khanna and was told that he ordered the man to collect a sack of old books for charity and to not be bothered by it.

The team plan an operation to grab Sunny but are unaware of his dealings with a criminal gang in the vicinity. The mission results in a shootout with Sunny getting killed and Verma getting a bullet in the shoulder.

To rub salt into the wounds, the ACP gets taken off the case owing to his failure of procuring the bouncer alive. As a last resort, he goes to question Khanna’s comatose wife who is now aware of her surroundings and can communicate via raising a finger.

The development angers Khanna who goes to confront Verma and his team. However, the resultant interrogation of the wife hints that Pooja was dead before Khanna got home and he probably isn’t the murderer.

The partial truth

The complete series of events is revealed when the team checks a pen drive found in Pooja’s bag titled, ‘Fairy Tales’ and Verma finds a discrepancy in Khanna’s building’s visitor entries, for the day of the incident.

The team gathers everyone at Justice Chaudhary’s residence and reveal their findings. Turns out, that the former Judge had his friend’s son from Canada, Rishabh, staying at is place for five months and his fiancé, Kia had joined him two days prior to the incident.

It is revealed that Rishabh was having an affair with Pooja and she wanted him to marry her instead. A night before the incident, the duo had had an argument and Rishabh went to talk to her at Khanna’s flat the next morning. He would’ve have escaped unnoticed but the building’s security guard identifies him.

Furthermore he entered a false name in the visitor’s register but the team manages to identify his handwriting as well. Inspector Sanjana, earlier in the film, had asked for Rishabh’s contact details when he visited the police station with some documents. Coincidentally, that handwriting matches the one in the register.

The cornered Rishabh admits to the affair and agrees to visiting Pooja as well. However, he is also adamant that Pooja was dead before he got there and fled from the scene in panic when he saw her body. This automatically implies that Khanna saw the body as well as he came home after Rishabh had left.

Khanna too comes clean and reveals that he saw Pooja’s lifeless corps and panicked as well. He called his secretary to make arrangements to get rid of it, but his wife walked in on him, suspecting the worst. She fled the scene and tripped on the stairs, resulting in her accident.

Therefore, Sunny came over to collect the body, and rid the room of any signs of foul play. He eventually dumped the corps on the hiking trail.

Even though the core evidence for Rishabh being the killer isn’t found, the police arrest him for the murder. Khanna is also taken into custody for aiding in destruction of evidence.

Murderer revealed

Despite the case being closed, Verma is still bothered by the true identity of the killer, and believes Rishabh may have lied about the affair but he is innocent.

There is still an unknown call from a PCO to Khanna’s residence on the day of the murder that is unaccounted for, and the team believe it may be the final piece to the puzzle. An officer reveals that the PCO booth in question is located opposite Khanna’s building and trio of inspectors go to investigate.

Verma stays back to think over stuff he may have missed and is visited by Kia. She is on her way back to Canada but requests to meet her former fiancé before leaving. The seemingly normal development turns out to be the final prize as Verma notices Kia wearing a bracelet made of similar pieces found at the crime scene.

At the same time, the team returns to confirm that the mystery caller was Kia and she had been aware of the affair before the ACP revealed it.

Kia went to face Pooja way before anyone else came home and the resultant confrontation led to the former smacking the latter in the head with a candle stand, killing her instantly. The security guard missed her coming into and leaving the building as he was distracted with construction workers.

The police arrest Kia and Verma takes pride in finally having solved the case.

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