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Sentinelle ending explained: Does Klara exact revenge?

Sentinelle is now streaming on Netflix. Julien Leclercq has directed the French action thriller which stars French-Ukrainian actor Olga Kurylenko, Marilyn Lima, and Michel Nabokoff in the lead roles.

Sentinelle is an action-packed revenge thriller. It revolves around a trained French soldier, Klara, transferred to her home after battling in a gruesome combat mission, and then makes it the mission of her life to find the man who hurt her sister Tania (Marilyn Lima), Yvan Kadnikov (Andrey Gorlenko), the son of a powerful figure of a Russian oligarchy.

Although the plot seems straightforward, the movie seems a little ambiguous in the end with all the action scenes confusing us.

Here’s the ending of Sentinelle explained in detail:

What happened with Tania?

The soldier and her sister go to a night club (Millennium) where Tania leaves with a guy. Klara, too, spends the night with a girl she meets that night. In the morning, Klara is on her duty when she rushes to the hospital to find out about Tania.

The doctor informs the soldier that her sister is in a stage-three coma caused by cerebral edema, which is inoperable.

Captain Muller, the case in-charge, meets Klara and tells her how her sister ended up in the condition. A passerby found an unconscious Tania on the beach and according to the preliminary examinations, Tania has been raped, as well.

Klara feels the surge of anxiety, pain, and oblivion as she blames herself for what happened to her sister. She later resolves to find out the man who did this to Tania. She knows that this is an active police case, but her personal grudge sets her on the path to fight for justice herself.

How did Klara reach Yvan?

Klara is agitated as the police haven’t questioned Kadnikov even after finding out everything he’s done. This is because Yvan is the famous son of Leonid Kadnikov. He is well protected by his influential father and is hiding in his father’s villa.

Klara does her research and plans to catch Yvan herself. She follows him to the same club the next night and attacks him with a knife. But, because of his security, she somehow loses him.

Klara, again, breaks into his villa and attempts at shooting him but gets caught. She is threatened by Leonid and the villa security but the soldier manages to jump from the first floor to save her life.

After this, Klara meets her sister in the hospital. Tania’s condition has improved but she is too scared to press charges against him as she knows what will be the consequences of messing up with such influential people. But Klara still stands firm on her stand to find justice.

How did Klara kill Leonid Kadnikov and did Tania survive?

After Kadnikov sends a girl to kill Tania and Klara in the hospital, Klara fights the girl and somehow saves her life while the doctors are fighting to save Tania’s life. This evil step by Kadnikov further disturbs Klara and now she is stronger than before to punish Kadnikov for his crimes.

She manages to steal licensed armory from the department and traces down Kadnikov in Paris to finally kill him, once and for all.

The brave soldier fights a team of guards to catch the culprit and when she finally reaches Leonid Kadnikov she pushes him from the first floor. In the next scene, Leonid is lying in the sea of blood with his eyes open.

An injured Klara escapes as the police reach the place and takes over it. But, did Kodnikov die? No, he did not. Then how did Klara kill him?

Three months later, the same old, rich Leonid is enjoying his time in Dubai, unaware that he is still being tracked. He gets out of the pool, reaches his room and there’s a knock on his door. It’s one of the hotel staff that brings him the fruit bowl and before he can recognize what’s happening, Klara-as-waitress stabs him to death.

In the concluding scene, Tania has recovered and is with her friends, when she smiles at Klara from a distance and music takes over.

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